Back when I was getting married I searched high & low for the perfect bridesmaid dresses & failed terribly until my mom found Tobi. Tobi has adorable clothes for suuuuuch a low cost, it's kind of crazy. Ever since then I have loved their site, especially this dress. It's the perfect thing to throw on & is instantly flattering, I seriously love it, plus it is super comfortable. If you haven't checked out Tobi yet, you definitely need to.

Dress: Tobi
Denim Jacket: Madewell
Necklace: Anthropologie (similar, from Tobi!)
Shoes: Vans
Purse: Madewell



Visiting the plantations was one of the highlights of our girls trip to New Orleans. All of the history behind them was so interesting to learn about. We visited Oak Alley Plantation & Laura, a traditional creole Plantation, they were both gorgeous & totally different from one another. We took tours at each plantation, sipped on *virgin* mint juleps & really got a look into the plantation lifestyle. 



The Garden District of New Orleans is a neighborhood full of adorable mansions. We took the trolly from the French Quarter to the Garden District where we went to the famous Lafayette cemetery, did the mansion foot tour & ate at the Commander's Palace. We saw some houses that they used in different t.v. shows & movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & American Horror Story, we also saw the house that Anne Rice lived in while she wrote Interview with a Vampire. Rumor has it Sandra Bullock lives in the Garden District. The Garden District got it's name because all of the houses originally had gigantic gardens surrounding them & they still do, they are just a bit smaller. The walking tour is a couple blocks long & goes around all of these amazing historic homes, the architecture is so pretty, it totally made me fall in love with the South.



My camera died within the first hour of being in New Orleans.. apparently I forgot to turn it off before getting on the plane! So be ready for a lot of iPhone pictures.

My mama is turning the big 6-0 this April so to celebrate, she invited all the *adult* girls in the family for a girls trip to New Orleans. We flew out early Thursday morning & celebrated the whole weekend. It was so cool going to New Orleans. I have been really interested in going since I was in college & had to make a road trip itinerary, mine was a road trip through the South & it sparked a desire to go. This was my first time ever going to the South & it did not disappoint.

The first day we got there we went to the hotel, checked in & headed out on the town to see the sites & grab some dinner. We spent our trip site seeing & eating, the food was so good & the beignets were amazing (I'm still partial to disneyland's beignets though!), we tried as much of the local foods that we could find & I can honestly tell you I liked everything I tried, even the fried crocodile. We went on a ghost tour where we learned about the haunted spots in New Orleans & the story of how vampires made their way to America through a ship from France that stopped over in Haiti. Who knew that vampires entered America through New Orleans? I didn't. There is a pretty big vampire superstition there though which adds to the fun (fun fact: Anne Rice who wrote Interview with a Vampire grew up in New Orleans). The tour guide gave a lot of great history on the town which I loved learning, I love all the history that comes with an old city, I think it is so interesting to learn about.

Our hotel was in the French Quarter right off of Bourbon Street. If you don't know anything about New Orleans the French Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans & is a bit of a party place, especially on Bourbon street. It reminded me of a more charming Las Vegas. People go to New Orleans to party & that is exactly what they do. During our four day visit we saw a parade happen every single day, there were beads being thrown everywhere, live music on just about every corner & a lot of people having the time of their life. New Orleans is a very pretty city, but be warned if you are going to the French Quarter that it is extremely dirty, it's pretty but not quite as charming as I would imagine other southern towns to be, or even different areas of New Orleans, but it is totally worth going to.



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I am sleeps number one fan. I'd even go as far as to say that sleep is one of my favorite activities. I love getting cozied up in a blanket & snuggling down to go to sleep but, then again, who doesn't? Pre kids I had no need for a sleep schedule because I didn't have two little people depending on me day in & day out, now that I'm a mama that has totally changed. It has taken me a while but I have finally accepted the fact that I don't get to sleep as often or whenever I want, which makes it all the more cherished when I actually do lay down. It has also been difficult to realize how important a nighttime routine is & I'm not talking about one for my kids, but one for me.

It sounds a little funny, an adult with a nighttime routine, but it is totally beneficial & helps out SO much. It's hard for my to turn my brain off, to stop going over my forever long to-do lists, to not worry/stress over whatever it may be & to simply  just relax. Here's an idea of my nightly routine:

Grab a cup of water to take with me
Write in my journal
Read /watch a show

I always take water with my to bed, it says a thing I've done since I was in high school, I like to have it on my side table incase I wake up at night & it is something that has just stuck. Writing in my journal is another habit I've had for years, it helps me to unwind. I don't write a lot everyday, sometimes just a quick blurb, thought, quote, or something cedar has said to me that day. Writing has always been a good way for me to unwind. After writing I a lot of times will watch a tv show or read, just do something I can sort of shut off my mind for & then I follow it up by meditating. I think meditation has been the biggest help in my sleep. When I do this I wake up each morning feeling so refreshed, it's sort of amazing. Another reason I really like this routine is that it's totally transferable, no matter where I am I can do accomplish it. Having a routine to get me mentally prepared to go to sleep has helped me fall asleep quicker & has even helped me get into a deeper sleep & has most definitely made me a better morning person, which is so helpful as a mom of two that wake up early :). One of the most important parts of a good sleep for me is having a good mattress. I love ours so much but if you're looking for one I would totally recommend a Leesa mattress. They are really one of the most comfortable mattresses plus they donate 1 for every 10 they sell to homeless shelters.