Friday, December 19, 2014


TOMORROW we're going to germany! for four days. it's going to be freezing & quite possibly snowing. i've been trying to figure out what i should pack. since we're not going for very long, & we're charged by luggage, i don't want to take a whole lot, so mix & match pieces are key for me. i put together a few different looks using a total of 13 items (i'm not counting the purse).
 do you ever wish that you could just buy a new wardrobe anytime you go on a trip? it's a problem i have & these moodboards just heightened my wish for a germany wardrobe, haha. i always see all these great things & think "oooh, that would be perfect for my trip" but, i can't really buy a new wardrobe for a trip, no matter how badly i want to, so i'll just pretend & include some things i do have, so it's more realistic for me. haha

since it's going to be so very cold, layers are key! i'm a big fan of layering as is, i hate being too hot or too cold, so layers are great for me. too hot? take something off, too cold? throw something on. you get the idea. i am in love with this sweater i show, from boden, & am really sad i didn't see it before christmas-list making, cause that would have been on there, for sure! 
you probably all know from this post how much i love my plaid scarf, so obviously i have to bring it along, as well as a good beanie (the one shown below is fleece lined) & a pair of mittens.

hunter boots aren't only for rain guys, they're amazing in snow. they've got so much traction & keep you so, so dry. i recommend everyone get a pair of rainboots if you don't already have any. & definitely get some of the hunter socks cause while they keep you dry, they don't necessarily keep you warm (at least my feet always froze in mine). i got a pair of these socks this year & am so happy i did, i use to layer probably 3 pairs of socks every time i'd wear my hunters & now i have absolutely no need. these socks are the warmest & softest things, you will not regret getting some.

oook, fur vests are a big thing right now, i'm sure everyone knows that, & i really, really like the look. i don't actually have one, but everytime we go to zara i look at this exact vest & just love it. i'm thinking maybe i should just bite the bullet & get it, i have always been a fan of vests, but i didn't bring any to spain, so i sort of need one..? haha plus they add so much warmth! & a bit of extra style! what's not to like? (complete side note: the last two times i've decided to wait & think about buying sequin pants & a fur vest... by the time i made up my mind to get them they were sold out in my size, everywhere. i can't decide if its a blessing or a curse.......)
this patagonia jacket is the absolute best. i got one a few years ago in another color & i use it all the time. it's so lightweight, so comfortable, SO warm & the best part is it folds up super small, which is perfect for traveling.

what are your go-to items you have to take on a trip? i'd love to hear what you travel with.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


walking around the city right now is straight up magical. i've mentioned it before how there are christmas lights strung up everywhere & here are some pictures to prove it. these aren't your standard christmas lights, but giant light designs all throughout the streets in the city. it's completely amazing. they really know how to get the holiday mood going here. the main downtown plaza, puerta del sol, has the "main" christmas tree set up & it's 12 stories tall.  plus a lot of people dressed up like santa claus. there is christmas music blasting in every store & almost all stores have lights blinking in all of their windows. one of the main department stores, el corte ingl├ęs, has christmas tents set up outside a few of their stores around the city that are everything christmas inside, decorations, gifts, trees & if there isn't a tent outside, there is a floor in the store dedicated to christmas. the entire city is lit up.

just about every night after austin gets home from school & cedar wakes up from his nap we go on a walk around the city so that we (mostly just me) can see all of the lights, i really can't get enough & it's so cute when cedar gets excited for them, pointing, oohing & ahhing. it's a lot of fun. they even have a bus that they call navibus, that will take you around all of the street lights in the city that is supposed to be amazing. we haven't had a chance to go on it yet, but you can guarantee we'll be going on it... probably at least twice. there are various christmas markets around (they aren't known for being that great, but they're decorated well!) the city, nativities set up all over & more christmas trees set up in a lot of the plazas or main centers. it's so much fun.
(when you don't have anyone to take a picture of you & your boo, you jump into the picture he's taking to send to his mom.)

i can't believe christmas is practically here, this is probably the fastest december i've ever had, but i probably say that every year. haha. luckily our christmas shopping has been really easy since austin & i decided to do a trip for our christmas, we only got cedar & our family presents & i'm proud/shocked to say we've been done christmas shopping since before december even came. i've never been so prepared for a holiday before in my life & knowing me, this probably won't happen again cause i'm a big procrastinator & into doing things last minute... but it really is a good feeling not to stress about it!

this christmas is going to be so different from all the others i've had, but i'm excited to bring the traditions i grew up with & that austin grew up & some new ones of our own to our little christmas! what are some of your holiday traditions?

Monday, December 15, 2014

taking stock

i loved this lazy, easy, rainy weekend. friday night we attended austins class christmas dinner & a tiny spanish restaurant in the heart of downtown. i was so excited to go to this dinner & finally meet the people he spends all of his days with & comes home to tell me about, i was going to be able to put some faces to names! the spanish do dinner much later than americans do, the dinner started at 9, which in spanish time, means 10:30. we got there around 9:30 & were some of the first people to get there, & we didn't have any food until 10:30. it's completely different than back home where you normally meat at 6 for dinner & if you have kids, you're done & home by 8:30. but not here! kids run wild through the restaurants/bars at all hours of the night, while parents are eating & i think they're onto something with that.

cedar was the star of the night. half the people didn't know austin even had a baby, but they allllllllllll loved him. he was exhausted & in the funniest mood. he was getting passed around from person to person, being fed, high-fived, fist-bumped, & jumping up & down on their shoulders. i don't know who loved it more, cedar or all of the people. we didn't make it out of there until 12:30, when everyone else was just relocating, getting their nights started, we headed home. cedar passed out immidately once he was in his stroller & austin & i slowly made our way back home. leaving cedar & i to wake up the next morning with colds & having much appreciated late start to our saturday, followed by a cozy day spent inside with warm food & drinks to comfort us both, austin getting us whatever we needed, watching movies cuddled up on the couch as a family & long walks around the city. it was probably one of my favorite weekends. & it hit me: my life will never be the same as it is right now.

these days are a once in a lifetime experience, no matter how redundant they may seem at the time, no two days are the same. how wild is that? it makes me so appreciative for what i have, my life, my friends, my family & so much more. & it makes me want to document everything, all the little things.because whether i like it or not, life will never be what it is today. so i'm taking stock. taking stock in dreams, in feelings, in the music i surround myself with, the shows i spend time watching, the food i'm making & eating, the business & simplicities of our life, cause i want to remember it all.

making// paper snowflakes
cooking// rice pudding
drinking// too much tea
looking// at these pictures we took in utah before moving
reading// the outlander series.. it's seriously addicting. to me at least.
wanting// extra warm mittens
looking// forward to this weekend (germany, yay!)
heaing// the dishwasher running & christmas music playing
waiting// for christmas & my mama to come visit!
watching// game of thrones, i just started it. so far, so good.
wondering// where we'll be in 6 months
loving// cedars snuggles
hoping// i get over this cold asap
needing// more sleep
smelling// zara christmas candle
laughing// at this video
wearing// lululemon leggings, my heavy metal shop tee & j.crew flannel (similar)
following// a plan of sorts
noticing// glitter on my couch
knowing// we are lucky
thinking// about what to make for dinner
feeling// cozy
opening// packages

Thursday, December 11, 2014


the first thing i bought when we moved here was the softest, thickest, warmest, plaid scarf & i have loved it ever since. its quickly become a staple item in my wardrobe, i wear it almost everyday, so i thought i'd show a couple ways how i wear it! casual & a little dressed up. 

i'm a big fan of mixing patterns & i treat stripes as if they're a neutral, but i really like the look of this scarf with a striped top, i feel like it just adds a little something to the whole look. plus, clogs. need i say more? they really do add something exciting to the outfit, if you ask me.
scarf: zara
top: i truly have no idea where i got it & there isn't a tag... but, similar
coat: Burberry (similar)
jeans: frame (similar)

next is a bit of a dressier or what i call sassy, outfit. whenever i like the look of something but don't feel like i can totally pull it off, i like to give it a trial run. & that's what this was. i love the look of knee highs or thigh high socks but always feel like they just don't work for me, but i gave it a shot anyways & i really liked the way the look came together. & i obviously had to throw in the scarf, because as stated above, i can't leave the house without it.
scarf: zara
dress: madewell it's on sale!
coat: burberry (similar)
socks: target
booties: cole haan 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


i've been using my phone to film little parts of madrid & our life here to send to friends & family, to try & show what it's like & so they can feel like they're still part of our life. i think that is one of the hardest parts about living so far away, not only do you feel like you're not part of your friends & families life as much now, but they feel the same way. i'm not into that happening, so i try to stay as connected to them as i can & sending little videos is a good way of doing it for me.

i decided to make a video this weekend of what our life in madrid looks like, all from this weekend, to share with everyone else! we had some big plans for the weekend, like going on a day trip, but they fell through. we also had dinner with some new friends, but i didn't really think i should film that.. probably not the best first impression?! so it's a video of our weekend with a few things missing, but whatever, you get the idea!

song: running with insanity
artist: alcoholic faith misison