Winter Break

For the past few weeks I have been back in good old California, and it was lots of fun! I got to do a lot of fun things, one of my favorites was just being able to see all of my friends that I had left behind. Besides that, I went to the beach.. the Getty Museum for the first time.. and my all time favorite, Disneyland, plus we had Christmas and New Years!
Christmas was fun, the entire family got to be together and it was fun to see all of the little babies playing with each other and having fun. New Years, was alright. I had a few friends over and we went in the spa and then played games on our new Wii. I'm sad to say that I must be getting old though because I couldn't stay up till 12! I fell asleep at 11:30! Such a party pooper! But a few nights later, my friend Derek was having a Pillow party, so Reilly, Ashley, and I turned his room into a pretend New Years party while we waited for the others to come over, so we took lots of a pictures! A few of which are I'm sharing with you! In the top picture, from left to right is Reilly, Me, and Ashley. In the middle picture, there is a sliver of Reilly's arm, Me, Ashley, and Derek. The Last picture was in Ashley's car on our way to Derek's, left to right is Reilly, Me and Ashley again!


  1. yup, your'e getting realllllly old

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