Summer is just a mere two days away, and i can't wait! After a tough couple of weeks of studying, projects, packing, cleaning, and more studying, i am ready to relax! The beach is calling my name and so are my friends that i have left behind(few of these friends are in the picture)! These next couple of weeks are going to be crazy! First i go home and have the gold tournament, then it's back to utah for Women's Conference to hear two of my aunts talk, with my ma and friend. Then i get to drive home with two of my friends, so it won't be too terrible. But once i get home, it will be all fun in the sun! A couple of my friends are coming to California and are going to come visit me, and hopefully a couple of others will too! After those fun weeks i get to set up and head off to Peru! Constantly busy busy busy, but i think it will be more fun than studying