Craft Time

For the past couple of weeks i have been working on these two masterpieces and i am proud to say i've finally finished! The flower picture was actually a mistake. I was painting a picture for my friend and i messed up..not knowing what to do with the canvas, i just started doodling with my paints and the flowers are what appeared. It's a mistake that i like though! The octopus was just for fun. I have been drawing an octopus for a few months and finally decided to put it down in paint.
Luckily my roommates like them... or at least they don't hate them, because they are being used as decoration in our family and living room at the moment. I thought i would bring some more life and color into the house! 
Without leaps of imagination, 
or dreaming, 
we lose the excitement of possibilities. 
after all, 
is a form of planning.
- Gloria Steinem