Fish Bowl

I have two new editions to my room, two little goldfish! I used to be terrified of fish, but i've now grown to be only scared of open water fish. so a couple in a bowl are perfectly o.k. by me. I got them about a week ago, one of them is white with an orange spot. the other is orange with a white belly, and i generally just call them fish 1 and fish 2, but they're real names are benny and joon (yes after the movie). They've been a fun addition, it's entertaining to watch them swim about and play, and to watch them make bubbles. i can even hear them pop! I'm thinking of upgrading their living space a little and getting them a sand castle to play in, hope they enjoy their living space as much as i enjoy having them! I keep wondering how i'll ever move them home with me though! 


  1. psh remember when you said you would flush mine down the toliet if i got any??

  2. this is a you've always been afraid of fish...hope they stay alive...