No Doubt!

Yesterday afternoon i drove down to san diego with my friends reilly and heidi to go see The Sounds, Paramore, and No Doubt(!) in concert! After the 6 hours of driving it took us to reach our destination, we surprisingly made it in time for the show..and the drive was well worth it! the show was amazing! I was really excited to see the sounds, i have liked them for a long time and never been able to see them and they were so good! plus, i got to hear some new songs that will be on their new album. Paramore was fine, i'm not a big fan, but no doubt was amazing! they were so good. Gwen Stefani's voice does not sound any different when live compared to a cd, she's amazing. they are so entertaining to watch. Plus, our tickets were only 15$ for such an awesome show! granted they definitely were not the best tickets.. the farthest away actually, but it didn't even matter! luckily my mom agreed to me going, cause it was most likely one of the best concerts i've ever been to, so thank you mom! Down below are some videos of No Doubt! 

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