Fashion fades, only style remains.-coco chanel
My friend recently showed me a blog called The Sartorialist. It's a fashion blog that shows pictures of random people a photographer sees all over the place, and the cool outfits they are wearing. All of the people wear what they would on a normal day and the photographer simply has them pose for a shoot. Some of the outfits are truly amazing and unique, i love it! Another fashion-y blog i have come across is called Look Book. This site is for anyone to post their outfit creations and others can comment their input on it. It also tells you where you can buy almost all of the items that the people show in their pictures, it's pretty fun and interesting to see what people are doing with fashion.  


  1. very interesting! love anything to do with fashion.

  2. sorry didn't get my name in..that last comment was aunt Polly!