out with the old...

car and in with the new..car! A few weeks ago i was talking with my mom saying how i sometimes wish i had a bigger, 4 door car because it is always such a hassle to have a 2  door car. People have broken my seats multiple times, and are always complaining about being in the back because it was small and squishy. While talking to my mom about it, i never expected she would say i could look for a new car, and when she did i was all smiles. The only rule was that it had to be for the same price that my old car would sell for, and it would have to be 4-wheel drive if it were an automatic. I was so excited! I started looking right away, but i didn't really expect to find the perfect car with those conditions, at least not as quickly as i did! A mere 2 weeks later we were on our way to check out the car i had found, which has also been my dream car for the past few months. I found a 2008 jeep liberty with the exact body style and color i wanted, and it fits my needs beautifully! I admit it was really hard for me to let my old car go, it was my first and will always be my favorite. It was small, fast, and manual. I loved it. But it wasn't too practical for me now living in the snow (i was terrified driving in storms with a baby sized car), and moving back and forth was always a toughie (always jam-packing my car with my life), so time to move on and i am happy with the choice!


  1. You must be very happy! Congratulations to your happy life. Continue dreaming :)

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