Wedding Bells

This past weekend my bestfriend for the past 20 years of my life got married to her highschool sweetheart! Ashley and jake have quite the cute love story. They met at youth conference, the summer before our freshman year of highschool, and she had an instant crush. Jake was friends with her brother so it made it a little hard but easier at the same time. I remember goign to the pollocks house on the weekends to watch the boys play axis and allies so ashley could see jake and i could see my crush at the time. a few short months later, on jakes 16 birthday they had their first kiss, and from that point on they were ashley and jake. They were always the happiest couple and they survived through three years of being apart when jake went to byu and then on his mission. he came home this past summer and their romance could start again and they are now happily Mr & Mrs Jake Maddox! I'm so happy for them and can't wait for their arrival to provo so i can see a little more of the two! love you both and wish you a happy happy marriage!


My friend grayson got a membership to the local quarry in provo for his past birthday, and has started taking me with him. every friday you can bring a friend for free if you have a membership, so i've taken the friend spot and have been having so much fun with it! I'm so glad he doesn't care to take an actual date too, so i have my spot saved. Last night we went again and we went with our friends jp, nathan, tayler and blake and had a blast. hopefully they had as much fun as i did! we climbed for 3 straight hours and my arms are killing me but it was so worth it! i love to go, and hopefully they'll start tagging along and get into it to!

care package

Yesterday i got a package in the mail from my oldest bestie ashley! she sent me a cute box full of goodies including: mini calendar, little notebooks, hugs & kisses, candles, paper flowers, and a mug for hot cocoa and cider. It made my day so bright and me feel so loved! I'm so lucky to have a friend as good as her, and i get to see her this monday and help her prepare for her big day coming up this friday!


This weekend i drove home with reilly nathan and blake for a marevlous halloween vacationnn! it was so much fun! we went to the beach, saw old friends and and halloween night, me, shan, nathan, and chris went to HARD fest in LA where we met our friends blaise t.j. will and derek. It was insaneee I had so much fun at the show. We saw justice, classixxx, crookers, 2manydj's, steve aoki, deadmau5 and plenty more. it was amazing, we had sooo much fun!
Then for the next exciting news of the weekend, shannon was baptized on sunday! it was amazing watching my best friend get baptized and to have been able to play a part in it no matter how small. it was such a wonderful experience, and i am so happy for her! all of our closest friends and family came out to support her too!