This weekend i drove home with reilly nathan and blake for a marevlous halloween vacationnn! it was so much fun! we went to the beach, saw old friends and and halloween night, me, shan, nathan, and chris went to HARD fest in LA where we met our friends blaise t.j. will and derek. It was insaneee I had so much fun at the show. We saw justice, classixxx, crookers, 2manydj's, steve aoki, deadmau5 and plenty more. it was amazing, we had sooo much fun!
Then for the next exciting news of the weekend, shannon was baptized on sunday! it was amazing watching my best friend get baptized and to have been able to play a part in it no matter how small. it was such a wonderful experience, and i am so happy for her! all of our closest friends and family came out to support her too!


  1. Congratulations to Shannon! Awesome! You've been a good example, Kerry.

  2. that is wonderful! congrats to Shannon, you've been a great friend Kerry!