merry christmas!
some quotes from my old friend david bowie.
I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.
I don't know where i'm going from here, but i promise it won't be boring.
The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.

i'm ready. i'm excited. i'm anticipating.
the snow.
for some reason i'm really excited for the snow to come this season.
i'm ready to do winter activities, maybe some sledding, snowman-building, and snowboarding.
i feel like this is going to be a marvelous winter.
plus, temple lights always go up in the winter and i love those.
not to mention the glorious winter boots, socks, jackets, scarves, gloves, hats and everything i left out.


i loved these the instant i saw them. found them on the sundance website.


it's been a fun and sp00ky halloween! went to a couple part-tays with my friends where we had lots of fun dressing up

wishful thinking

i wish to be in all of these places. sometimes i think a genie could really come in handy..

life to date

i've been missing from the blog worldlately, and i apologize. now that i've gotten that off of my chest let me give you a little catchup my friend Lindy moved to utah. i had to take my bike to get fixed and just hardly got it back. celebrated Laurel's big 2 - 0 birthday with all of our friends. we went to a concert and then had cake and pizza at my ma's house in slc. whoever wanted slept over to watch conference the next day. tempted going to conference, but had to sit in the JSM building instead, but it was still nice. had a giant newbury park reunion dinner at my ma's house. it was great everyone came. i have missed them so so much, luckily we're still all great friends. drove home last weekend with Laurel, Lindy, and Courtney. the car ride was extremely funny, and being home was comforting as always. now i'm back to school playing catchup on homework and such. my math class ends next week. i am both scared and excited just to be finished!
things i'm now looking forward too:
Harvest Boutique my friends and family are putting on in Park City next weekend. Halloween, i love this holiday and pumpkin anything. Landon comes home the day before Halloween. Nick comes home a few short weeks after that. and then it's practically christmas break. hurray!

little women

there are few other movie scenes that have broken my heart like this one
i don't think i'll ever to get over what happened.
jo, why can't you just love him?
"I have loved you since the moment I clamped eyes on you. What could be morereasonable than to marry you?"

in a dream world

i would have a closet that looks like this.
and then a shoe closet that looks like this.

bicycle race

in the words of queen
"I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it where i like"
earlier this semester i got my very own bike. and i love it. i call it The Submarine because it is yellow. sadly it's not in this picture, because it's busy getting fixed. but i wish i had it so i could ride it all about the town. i ride it pretty much everyday, everywhere i need to go in the provo town. I can't wait to have the submarine chained back up to my staircase so i can ride it wherever i like. my bike is making this year amazing so far.

give me the splendid silent sun with all his beams full- dazzling, give me juicy autumnal fruit ripe and red from the orchard.
- walt whitman


last winter my sweetheart of a friend crocheted me the cutest scarf of the year.
i was so pleased & so thankful for her & the efforts she put into it.
i've watched her crochet her heart out for the past year or so now,
& have decided it's my time.
the other night my roomie & i had our friend show us
how to create these great scarves, & ever since i can't put my hook down.
i worked hard all into the night & on my flight home yesterday.
i'm thrilled how to see how my little creation goes over.

arcade fire

the other night i was paroozing the facebook scene, and i came upon this link on my friends status. i obviously clicked it, and was amazed at what i found. i hope anyone that reads this clicks the link, and follows what it says to do. i found it to be such an awesome experience. they take your address, and show you a music video of someone running and all of a sudden you see your house, it's so rad. i love it. the band that is the creator of this little gem is Arcade Fire. they never cease to amaze me with their music, and have definitely blown me out of the water with this video.

life @ fleur de lis

I'm all moved & settled in at my new apartment. it's taken me a couple weeks to get it all exactly how i wanted, but i've got quite the little setup now, & am quite pleased. here a few shots to share.
a few things i would like to highlight: a. my comfy comforter. b. my fainting couch which is so necessary for my dramatic days. c. my little table dresser that i adore. d. my old school globe that has germany split into 2 countries, along with the ussr repping russia. and last but not least, e. the organization of my closet and how pleased i am with it.

weddings & friend

this past weekend was quite eventful. one of my favorite people, nathan, got married to the most perfect girl for him. they got married in the SLC temple this past saturday, and held their reception at La Caille. it was so pretty. the colors were pale pink with the boys wearing tan and white. there was a lot of dancing, talking, and laughing the whole day. a good and fun wedding always makes me smile.
with weddings always comes good friends. all of our family friends were there, the mollers, the pollocks, the cooleys, and also a group of friends from both home and whom i've met since being in utah. i loved catching up with everyone, especially the ones i left when i went away this past summer. it has made me excited to get back into the swing of things and seeing all my friends in utah again.

twenty one

this past thursday was my 21st birthday! to celebrate i went to l.a. with my mom, and met kelly and shannon at the ivy for lunch. after lunch my mom and i went around shopping a bit, and finished the night off by seeing a movie. friday night i had a bday bash with all of my friends. there was swimming, food, music and good people. i got three cakes made for me by my lovely friends, and cupcakes to top it off. i've got one of the best group of friends, and they're all different which makes them so great. i love when we all get together with eachother and they get to know who i always mention. it was a good way to bring in my new year. thankyou to my mama for such a great birthday day, and for putting up with all the nonsense my friends bring to the house!

costa rica

i got back last friday from my 3 week stay in costa rica, which was pretty amazing. kristen and i did a surf and spanish program for 2 weeks then the last week we toured around a bit and found our way up to panama. the spanish didnt really stick with me, but surfing was amazing. i found a real passion for it. i used to wonder why every boy was obsessed with it, and now i feel like i understand why... while we were doing the program we met a group of kids also at the school who we spent the majority of our time with, and we met a couple others outside of school who were fun to spend our time with. after we left our town, dominical, we went up to turrialba to go water rafting, then went onto puerto viejo for our last stop in costa rica. puerto is on the caribbean side of costa rica, and was by far my favorite spot we saw, it looked like a set for pirates of the caribbean. after our quick stop there, we ventured to panama to go to bocas del toro. bocas is a town made up of a bunch of little islands. we stayed there for 3 days then had to make our way back to the lovely san jose (never go there) to await our plane home.

world of color

yesterday i went to disneyland and got to see the new World Of Color show at california adventure. the show was amazing, disney can do anything and it's all so magical. no wonder it's the happiest place on earth.

What's A Girl To Do?

i discovered bat for lashes a few months back when i was in up in utah and the dreamy, eery, haunting voice captured me instantly. today while chatting it up at starbucks with the lovely kimmy and reilly, they showed me this bat for lashes video. it's got a donnie darko-esque feeling to it, which i love. i couldn't take my eyes off of this video the instant it starting playing.


the best kind of friends are the ones you don't see for 3 years and you pick up right where you left off. i didn't get to spend enough time with them, but i'll see the seek and shez, on my right, in september (when seek gets married) & in december (when the gang goes over to hawaii). but maxy on my left is going on his mission to peru (viva peru!) in july, so unless i find a way to see him at the mtc, i'll have to wait another 2 years to see him. in a perfect world, they would still live in newbury park in the pollocks neighborhood, and not in hawaii. no matter how much time goes by these boys will always be part of the family.

wedding dress

i love weddings, and even more so the dresses. since i have such a love for them i like to look through wedding photos anywhere i can, and along my way i found this little number. i absolutely adore this dress.i love the simpleness and little details (i love little detail on everything). it looks like such a sweet romantic dress. i found the images here.
perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through, and shines upon us to let us know they are happy.


today rus kris and i went all the way up to Lompoc to jump out of an airplane. it's a weird thought that people actually pay to jump out of a plane, and that people do it for a job; but it was so much fun. i loved every second of once we actually jumped. the build up was a little nerve racking, but not hardly as bad as expected, and much better than bungee jumping!


those of you who follow my blog religiously may remember this post where i painted a giant portrait of my brother. one of my friends who has always envied his picture put me up to the task of painting his face, hopefully it's all he has ever hoped for. i never seem to be able to make a picture look realistic. even if it lacked all the color it would be very cartoon/pop-arty, i always say i just see things differently cause thats as realistic as it comes from my brain to my hand. maybe one day i'll be able to paint realistic looking pictures.. but then again, why would i want to?


just a few black lights, neon paint, highlighters & music.

i wanna go surfing

"wake up, it's a beautiful morning honey, while the stars are still shining, wake up, would you like to go with me honey, take a run down to the beach oh momma, i wanna go surfin, oh momma, i don't care about nothing" -let's go surfing, the drums (check out the song)

last wednesday i decided to give surfing a try. you'd think after living in california for the past 20 years of my life & being a lover of the beach i would be a little surfer girl. i'm not. i've tried a couple times before when i was younger & never took to it (i was too impatient and wanted to be instantly professional), so i decided to give it another shot before embarrassing myself too badly in costa rica. Rus took kris and i down to the beach to teach us the basics. I loved it. i'm not good by any means, i think i might have stood up one time for maybe five seconds, but just the feeling of being in the water with the waves was so calming. there's something about just floating a long in the ocean that brings me comfort, it's so lovely. kris was pretty good though, she's going to kill it in costa rica, hopefully i take to it a bit more while there. i had some pretty good shots of us learning to surf i was planning to post, but rus and kris lost my camera on the bottom of the ocean. if anyone sees it it's mine.

lets colour

this summer there is a rad, world wide project going on to bring color to gray spaces. anyone can join too. learn more here.

i love you & you & you

all found here.

glow in the dark party

so both rus and his lady kristen are turning 25 at the end of the month, so to celebrate we're having a party. hopefully it all goes accordingly, cause if it does it'll be pretty rad. they got the idea from Ke$ha's performance on snl. check out the video to get an idea of what will be going on at our house pretty soon.
lately i've been MIA in blogland due to summer. so let me catch you up. since my last post i have:
gone to lake arrowhead for a campout but we ended up staying in a cabin. i saw a-team and actually liked it. looked for my lost dog who found her own way home after our 3 hour hike searching for her. had a big pool party for the "official" start of summer. found new bands to fill my ears with. went back to utah for a wedding. saw another friend who just came home from his mission. rediscovered my love for my ultimate favorite band. sabotaged friends with other friends. signed up for a spanish program in costa rica. purchased tickets to go to costa rica. got my craft on. so far it's all been pretty carefree and fun. can't wait to see what else is in store for me this summer.


for the past week i have been in utah visiting with friends and family. one of my favorites came home from his mission so jo and i decided to make the trek to his homcoming. it's been really fun since being here. i stayed at our friends the moller's house with their two daughters i'm friends with while the parents went on a weekend harley ride. we watched girlie movies, ate ice cream and once emma went to sleep abigayle & i had some real talk. we went to a cousin dinner with the despain girls and halverson girls, and afterwards jo, whit, marta, abby and i went to see sex and the city 2 (the first one was better). we went to dave's homecoming talk and after party in park city, where i randomly ran into an old roommate who i haven't seen in nearly a year.
we tried new restaurants with whit and jason. ashley came up to slc to visit with me which was lovely. i miss seeing her all the time in provo. jo and i went to dinner at the fryers house.
talked whit into showing me some new yoga moves, and despite my peer pressure she wouldn't teach me the hardest one (i'll ware her down one day). went to lunch with a couple of my friends that i haven't seen for a while. attempted going rock climbing which failed when my phone shut off in the middle of the night so my alarm didn't wake me. had a girls day with tar whit and jo. we went to taipan, paradise cafe, convinced jo to stay till saturday, and went to anthro. jo and i saw prince of persia. watched a movie with dave. went around town with my mom and danece then went to dinner with part of the bagley family. hungout with dave and john, introduced dave to another movie. met up with a friend from school for lunch, then went to mgmt with dave, john, taryn and justin (worst concert i've ever been to). and now today i get to fly home for about 10 days. then right back to utah for some wedding fun.


a new mr. i've been enjoying.


for all you iphone lovers check out the hipstamatic camera app. it offers 3 different lenses, plus you can buy others to give your picture different affects. hipstamatic instantly makes your pictures look that much better.

I am still learning.
- Michelangelo
something going on here is damn sexy.


i dont know how i stumbled across color me katie, but i love what she does. i want my life to be as brightly colored and creative as hers.

my celebrity crush

I saved Latin. What did you ever do?- Jason Schwartzman in Rushmore.
summertime always brings new ideas and inspirations to my little head.
so many different things to do/try/achieve in such a short life.
i can't wait to start tackling them
& letting my creative energy thats been built up while in africa out.
having that sunshine shine down on my face makes me feel as if i've been hibernating all winter,
and now i am coming out to play, a rebirth.
i love everything summer has to bring.
summer clothes, summer hair, summer tan, summer nights, summer trips, summer no-shoes.
at this moment in time i feel completely liberated from anything and everything.
possibilities all around me.
for as long as i remember i have always had people in different places from me which left me yearning to be with them.
though i wish i had all of my favorites with me, i am content wherever i am.
i feel like i can do anything and go anywhere with no tie-downs and restrictions.
summer will be different from the others, they all are different from one another.
i can just feel the greatness that will come from this one,
and the adventures that are awaiting me.


sa·fa·ri: 1. An overland expedition, especially on for hunting of exploring in eastern Africa.
2. A journey or trip: a sightseeing safari.

to sum it up..
while in africa we visited: Cape Town, Krugar National Park, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, & Mozambique. we spotted all the big game: lions, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, hippos, impala, rhinos, buffalo, etc. we went on game rides everyday, bungee jumped at vic falls, went horseback riding, watched a tribal dance, and went snorkling. it was unlike any other place ive ever been.