campout 2010

the new year has started with a kick. we got a big group of our friends to sign up for camping this new years eve and it was the best idea we've had for a while. we went camping at sycamore beach and have over 45 people with us to celebrate the new year. Rus and i went down early with our friend Kristen to pick out the campsites and set up tents so it'd be all ready when people got there. After we set up camp, we went and ate dinner at Neptune's Net and watched the sunset at my favorite spot Deer Creek, and then hungout at sycamore beach for a while. Then the party started. Matt came down and we listened while he messed around on his guitar while we waited foreveryone else to come. The main camping group was me, rus, kristen, matt, shannon, grayson, katie, kelly, lindsey, chelsey, emily, eric, taylor, micah, lindy, courtney, albert, joe, and rachel. We had so much fun sitting around the campfire making smores, listening to music and playing music (this group is pretty musically talented). For the big new year many many other people came and joined us that we knew, and we all headed down to a tunel on the beach to celebrate. we had martinellis and all of our friends, old and new. it was an amazing way to bring in the new year and i wouldnt have changed it for anything. The next morning shan and rus made everyone scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage (breakfast of champions). Everyone went home and crashed for the Party of the Centuray the browns (chelsey, lindsey & emily) were putting on. For the past 5 years they have had this party and it was huge. easily over 150 people in their house. There was dancing, food, good friends, and live music. They had two bands come up and play that they know, it was so much fun. The entire new years eve and day will never be forgotten for me. I hope all of yours were just as good!

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