best find

i am obsessed with jewelry of all kinds. earing, bracelets, rings, necklaces, charms, watches...i see it & love it i need it. it's a little bad. but i consider it as a trait i inherited from my mom (for those who dont know her, shes got an amazing collection of jewelry of all colors and designs, i hope to have a collection similar one day.) since i have this obsession and need for jewelry, it is always all over the place. i had a ring holder, my necklaces hanging from nails in the wall, bracelets in a box..just scattered about; then one day while paroozing for homey things for ashley i found this little treasure. the most perfect jewelry holder for someone of my nature. it has a ring holder, 4 different drawers, and two hanging necklace holders. perfect. plus, instead of the regular near 90$ price it normally holds, i got it for 25$. needless to say, i was ecstatic.