Festival of Colors

Hello spring.

mail days

ever since i was a youngin i've loved getting the mail and searching for something with my name on it (didn't happen often considering i didnt need to write letters at such a young age). around 5 or 6 grade a couple of my friends and i started writing eachother letters and mailing them to one another, or sometimes faxing (it was cool), and being the hoarder that i am i have saved every single one! i've always thought it would be fun to go back and read them and i'm sure when i get around to doing so it will be fun. now that i've grown older and matured (haha) i get letters from all over the place from my missionary friends (all over the place includes: mexico, guatemala, sweden, idaho, alabama and singapore). whenever i open the mail box i am so extremely excited to see something with my name on it, i'm like a little kid again. then i read it, and re read it, and anything fun or that makes me smile i must share with my roommates (i'm 99% positive they could care less). i keep all the letters i get in a book so i know where to find them (smart, right?). i can't get the idea out of my head of how fun it is when someone shows me letters from my grandparents or something that they wrote during the war of how much they love eachother (granted mine are not war letters or love letters so they arent nearly as exciting, but i still like them), i just think that maybe my kids will like my letters and it'll give them a glimpse to who i was and that kind of friends i had. plus i can't consider throwing them away for my own sake.


Peanutbutter cookies

for all of you in blogland that love peanutbutter as much as i do, try these cookies. this is the easiest cookie recipe i've ever stumbled upon.

1 CUP PEANUTBUTTER (i like crunchy)

mix eggs together, add sugar then peanutbutter: mix.
put dollop sized amounts on cookie sheet.
put cookie sheet in oven.
10-12 minutes later take it out, and wah-la!
they're done.
see how easy that is?

life till today

life has been pretty normal, doing the normal things.
going to school. doing homework. trying to clean my room and end up watching tv. hanging with heidi and laurel and reirei. trying to be crafty. hanging with ashley and the gang. getting food poisoning. finding new music. reading and listening to book on ipod preparing to pack up the room to head home for summer. getting excited for summer adventures. life is semi dull but also good. i think since i have things to look forward to it goes by slower than normal, but slow can be good. went to dinner last weekend with the np gang: grayson, ash, jake, gunn twins+ their lovely ladies, amy, andy, james and rei. it was really fun, i love when all of us get together. a few were greatly missed, but i'm sure they'll hit the next outing. lately i've been getting sick often and i've realized it's when i eat certain foods (i could blame it on my no soda..good excuse to go back right? but then i will have made no progress). example: rice, lots of bread, pastas and those types of things. last night i was supposed to go and see vampire weekend play downtown with a friend, but i got sick after my lunch (pasta) and i couldn't go, i was greatly disappointed. my problem is making miss such important events, i can't let it go on any longer so i have decided to cut a few of those foods out of my diet to try to solve my problem and see which one is causing the problems. hopefully it's not all of them, otherwise i'll have to be real crafty with my meals. i'm supposed to be rock climbing with ash today and i don't wanna let my friend down but i'm not too sure that i'm up to it due to yesterday, so we'll see. besides that nothing new or exciting in my life. i'm sure thats all to change though, due to the fact that i always lead such an exciting life (haha, joke).

9. give up soda for a year.

A few weeks ago i decided i was addicted to dr. pepper when i had to drive to a gas station to curve my craving. Last wednesday i decided i'd stop drinking soda. I told ashley of my plan friday afternoon. Friday night i had dr. pepper (i had pizza, pizza isn't good without soda, right? maybe i have to give pizza up too..). That was the last time i had one, and i'm hoping that will be the last time for... a year. i figure i'll take it in baby-steps, week by week, month by month. wish me luck blog world. this is the first item on the list i have started to tackle, and definitely not the last.
p.s. i wish i had one of these sparklers on my head for the upcoming holiday

the list

there's this show on mtv called the bucketlist. i don't really like the show, but the idea behind it is good. a group of boys all made a list of what they want to do before they die. this has inspired my own list, this is what i have come up with so far:
1. hike 1/2 dome. 2. visit every continent. 3. go on a safari. 4. float in the dead sea. 5. read war & peace. 6. live in a different country. 7. graduate college. 8. go on jack the ripper tour in london. 9. give up soda for 1 year. 10. learn to lead climb. 11. run a marathon. 12. be fluent in another language. 13. marry in the temple. 14. start a family of my own. 15. hike kilimanjaro. 16. rock climb in yosemite. 17. read a book every month for a year. 18. go to coachella. 19. go to lollapalooza. 20. stay in a treehouse hotel. 21. hike the inca trail. 22. do a humanitarian project.
obviously these are a in no particular order, and there will be more to come this is just what i've come up with so far. if you have any suggestions send them my way.

scarfs are all the rage

today i picked up this little beauty from my friend courtney who crocheted it for me. i got to pick out the colors and waaalah! she's such a little sweetheart and so talented! she makes them for sell too if anyone wants to make an order!

summer time

20 fun & exciting things summer will bring me:
1. california 2. my family 3. all my friends that are in california 4. sunshine & warmth 5. tanning & blondness 6. summer reading list 7. new music+ (hopefully) concerts {coachella} 8. summer vacations 9. lots of beach camping 10. baby vacations (yosemite? san fran? utah?) 11. missionaries returning 12. lots of heart to hearts & real talk 13. all-nighters 14. artichokes 15. peaches & strawberries 16. the beach 17. being extra lazy 18. summertime 2010 playlist 19. home cooked meals by mama (right?) 20. bonfies
got the photo from this lady, who i found while looking at this girls blog


  • Today i took a stab at making enchiladas, and they were magnificent. i even surprised myself with my cooking skills. i found this super easy recipe online and they were delicious, i suggest you try them yourselves!
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
  • 1 cup salsa
  • 2 cups chopped cooked chicken breast meat
  • 1 (15.5 ounce) can pinto beans, drained
  • 6 (6 inch) flour tortillas
  • 2 cups shredded Colby-Jack cheese

good find

picked up this little number in j.crew the other day and i simply adore it so had to share it with the world.

The Sartorialist

i'm obsessed with the sartorialist blog. the man behind it is a fashion photographer and goes around snapping shots of people with interesting fashion sense or styles he admires on the streets he's located. sometimes they are more of the famous type, and sometimes just your regular gal or guy. i dream of one day being able to be on his blog. here's a shot of a man he ran into on the busy streets of NYC.