mail days

ever since i was a youngin i've loved getting the mail and searching for something with my name on it (didn't happen often considering i didnt need to write letters at such a young age). around 5 or 6 grade a couple of my friends and i started writing eachother letters and mailing them to one another, or sometimes faxing (it was cool), and being the hoarder that i am i have saved every single one! i've always thought it would be fun to go back and read them and i'm sure when i get around to doing so it will be fun. now that i've grown older and matured (haha) i get letters from all over the place from my missionary friends (all over the place includes: mexico, guatemala, sweden, idaho, alabama and singapore). whenever i open the mail box i am so extremely excited to see something with my name on it, i'm like a little kid again. then i read it, and re read it, and anything fun or that makes me smile i must share with my roommates (i'm 99% positive they could care less). i keep all the letters i get in a book so i know where to find them (smart, right?). i can't get the idea out of my head of how fun it is when someone shows me letters from my grandparents or something that they wrote during the war of how much they love eachother (granted mine are not war letters or love letters so they arent nearly as exciting, but i still like them), i just think that maybe my kids will like my letters and it'll give them a glimpse to who i was and that kind of friends i had. plus i can't consider throwing them away for my own sake.

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  1. that's wonderful...your kids will love reading those 'old' letters...keep them all!