i wanna go surfing

"wake up, it's a beautiful morning honey, while the stars are still shining, wake up, would you like to go with me honey, take a run down to the beach oh momma, i wanna go surfin, oh momma, i don't care about nothing" -let's go surfing, the drums (check out the song)

last wednesday i decided to give surfing a try. you'd think after living in california for the past 20 years of my life & being a lover of the beach i would be a little surfer girl. i'm not. i've tried a couple times before when i was younger & never took to it (i was too impatient and wanted to be instantly professional), so i decided to give it another shot before embarrassing myself too badly in costa rica. Rus took kris and i down to the beach to teach us the basics. I loved it. i'm not good by any means, i think i might have stood up one time for maybe five seconds, but just the feeling of being in the water with the waves was so calming. there's something about just floating a long in the ocean that brings me comfort, it's so lovely. kris was pretty good though, she's going to kill it in costa rica, hopefully i take to it a bit more while there. i had some pretty good shots of us learning to surf i was planning to post, but rus and kris lost my camera on the bottom of the ocean. if anyone sees it it's mine.

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