for the past week i have been in utah visiting with friends and family. one of my favorites came home from his mission so jo and i decided to make the trek to his homcoming. it's been really fun since being here. i stayed at our friends the moller's house with their two daughters i'm friends with while the parents went on a weekend harley ride. we watched girlie movies, ate ice cream and once emma went to sleep abigayle & i had some real talk. we went to a cousin dinner with the despain girls and halverson girls, and afterwards jo, whit, marta, abby and i went to see sex and the city 2 (the first one was better). we went to dave's homecoming talk and after party in park city, where i randomly ran into an old roommate who i haven't seen in nearly a year.
we tried new restaurants with whit and jason. ashley came up to slc to visit with me which was lovely. i miss seeing her all the time in provo. jo and i went to dinner at the fryers house.
talked whit into showing me some new yoga moves, and despite my peer pressure she wouldn't teach me the hardest one (i'll ware her down one day). went to lunch with a couple of my friends that i haven't seen for a while. attempted going rock climbing which failed when my phone shut off in the middle of the night so my alarm didn't wake me. had a girls day with tar whit and jo. we went to taipan, paradise cafe, convinced jo to stay till saturday, and went to anthro. jo and i saw prince of persia. watched a movie with dave. went around town with my mom and danece then went to dinner with part of the bagley family. hungout with dave and john, introduced dave to another movie. met up with a friend from school for lunch, then went to mgmt with dave, john, taryn and justin (worst concert i've ever been to). and now today i get to fly home for about 10 days. then right back to utah for some wedding fun.