a couple of weeks ago while my mama was visiting me
i developed strep throat.
it was awful, never in my life had i experienced such a painful throat, or strep for that matter.
luckily for me, i had my mama to take care of me.
we went to movies, and played with whit while i tried getting better.
it was hard to stay down, i felt so useless and lazy.
i couldn't go climbing or snowboarding, my two main activities.
but after a week and a half or so of taking it easy, i was finally back to my normal state.
thank goodness!
I have been back to my normal routine of school, friends, climbing, and snowboarding.
i was the happiest girl to have my health back.
then it happened again.
yesterday while at school i felt sickly, my throat started to hurt, i got nervous.
today i went to the doctor again, just to be safe. hoping, praying, it was just a sore throat.
turns out the strep has returned.
i went a fair 21 years never having this awful illness, and now within 1 month i've had it twice!
i'm back to doing nothing and feeling lazy, so wish me luck as i hope to make a full recovery this time.