games for life

i love games. growing up when our family got together we would always play cards or dominos.
i loved it. we also would play the name game, which is by far my favorite.
now that i'm older my friends and i will play games a lot when we're together.
usually we play signs or the name game, sometimes board games too.
this weekend i was introduced to two new games: movie charades & picture sentence.
here's what you do for movie charades.
break up into two teams
pick how many rounds you want to play, and write 5 movie titles for each round
you then swap movie titles with the opposing team whenever it's your turn
each time your team goes up, one person sits out to guess while you act out the title of the movie.
it is really fun to play, it's surprisingly hard to act out movie titles and just adds a twist to original charades.
here's what you do for picture sentence.
everyone has a piece of paper
at the start, you write a sentence at the top of the paper saying anything
you then pass it to the person next to you, they look at the sentence and draw it to their best ability
they fold over the sentence so the next person can't see it, and pass the paper with their drawing.
the next person has to write a sentence describing what they see in the picture, and fold over the picture.
the next person has to draw what the sentence says and so on
it is really funny to see what your original sentence turns into
for example, mine started out as a man who ate a mouse who ate a shoe
and it turned into, a goblin priest reading a book..
if you're a game person, and you can understand my directions, these games are both worth giving a shot!

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