the great outdoors

about a year and a half ago my friend grayson and i had a conversation that went like this: 
G "i can take people for free to the climbing gym on fridays, but i don't have anyone to take." 
K "helllllllllllo? take me."
G "you like to rock climb? i wouldn't have guessed that."
K "no, but you can still take me."
G "haha ok ker, you can come."
and i've loved climbing ever since. i've been climbing indoors mostly due to the snow i surround myself in, but i can't wait to go outdoors this summer. 
last year i was able to go a couple of times with ashley, jake, and grayson and i have been dying to do it ever since.
i want to go on so many climbing trips. 
looking at the pictures above makes me so excited to go into the great outdoors. i want to experience sleeping like those guys (i don't think i would last longer than 2 minutes on it though)
and i would be ok to find some cute pups on the mountain like the last picture.

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