sleep deprived in belfast

thoughts from a sleep deprived girl in belfast, ireland.
i've been awake since 3 a.m. and it is now 7, my body isn't adjusting to the time change as easily as normal. it's cool.
since being awake, i read water for elephants. i really liked it, and i'm now more excited for the upcoming movie. i love reading books before watching the movie, it doesn't work for me to do it the other way around.
i wrote a total of 3 whole pages in my journal. i don't write that much on a normal basis, generally 1 or so a night, so 3 was a big deal. i was just lying in my bed  thinking these thoughts when i though, "why wouldn't i write these down?" so i did, and wah-la!
i listened to a lot of music in my attempt of falling back asleep, obviously it failed in helping me. but i enjoyed it none the less. when i don't listen to my music i kind of feel like i'm betraying it, weird.. i know. i just have a lot of love for my little ipod full of my favorite voices to listen to.
sometimes there are just too many thoughts to even attempt sleep. at least that 's how it is for me, it seems to be a regular thing. i don't seem to be able to shut off my head. these are the majority of the thoughts i've had tonight:
i really have liked belfast, from what i've seen. we've been here just a day really, and it's a rad little spot. i wouldn't mind living and going to school or something here. 
whenever i find myself somewhere new i always think what it is like to be someone that lives there. when i see the people on the streets here i always wonder what's going on in their lives, what they're thinking about. i sometimes just think it's strange that everyone goes through the same things but in a different location! it's odd to think that somewhere so new and intriguing to me is the norm for someone else! 
and these are the things that keep me up all night long.
me and the gang, uncle dee, aunt marty, mama jo, and yours truly

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  1. I'm from Belfast and live just outside it now! Love my wee country! Love your blog!