book club

i really want to start a book club.
i told my mom about it, & told her that if the book club idea fails, 
that i would start writing up my own book reports (nerdy but it sounds fun to me)
i love reading & analyzing books.
& i would love to talk them over with other people
it sounds so fun to have others insights and views besides my own!
that's why i want to start the book club! it'd be great. 
i mean, i already make notes all over my own books, so may as well share them with people..
as long as they're interested! 
any one want to join?

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  1. Yes! I do. Let me know what book you're currently reading and I'll run out and pick it up if it's not one I've already read.
    How are things anyway little Ker? Are you a college graduate now? What are you doing with yourself? Hope you're having a great summer so far!
    Cousin Brooke (Bagley, in case you have other cousin Brookes)