my pledge

here is my pledge to an amazing summer. 
trying new things, meeting new people. getting a tan without anymore burns.
learning how to surf & getting good at it.
finding a rock climbing partner. painting all of the time
being in the sun as much as possible. doing my hair less than i already do
steering clear of any drama (impossible, but i like to pretend i can)
going to disneyland all the time. sleeping outside & campouts at the beach
discovering more & more new music
attending rus & kris, landon & vanessa, court & eric, & scott & courts weddings.
reading as many books as possible. getting into spinning then getting into cycling (i have big dreams)
multiple road trips. going to as many concerts as i can.
attempting to sew my own bathing suit. 
BBQ's every single week.
the next 3 1/2 months are going to be busy & fun 
what are you doing with your summer?

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