my schwinn, the submarine

last fall i got an old school 70's yellow schwinn road bike. i love that little bicycle so much & riding it all over provo-town with the bike gang. when there wasn't anything going on, we could just hop on our bikes & go go go. it was a blast & once that cold snow (i love it, don't get me wrong) fell i was pretty sad to have to put my bike away till spring again. but during the winter i decided i wanted to actually try cycling, i love riding my bike so why not put a competitive edge to it? plus both my bro's, my sis & my bro-in-law are obsessed with it. so i decided part of my summer plans/goals was to get into cycling.
this has been my plan: start going to spin classes, work up to using clip-in shoes, graduate to an actual bicycle, when i will then become an actual cycling lady! sounded pretty easy in my head. today i took the first step by going to a spin class with my cuz whit who is in town to visit (yay!). spinning kicked my a$$. who knew riding a stationary bike was going to be so difficult? i had to take a 10 minute break in the middle of the class, i was pretty positive that i was going to pass out if i didn't. i felt incredibly discouraged afterwards.. but i'm hoping to push through it & push on through to gaining a love for it & bike.. hopefully...one day.. maybe.. who knows.. but if you want a good, hard workout, go to a spin class.

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  1. You did a great job! Happy that I was with you during your first class!!! You're the best!!