the twilight zone

my senior year of highschool a friend of mine forced me to watch the twilight zone marathon with him (it happens twice a year, january & july 1), & ever since i've loved it. not many people are that in to the twilight zone & not many people my age even know what it is, they just think you're talking about Twilight.. but it's nothing like that. before i came home for a summer my friend proposed the idea of having a twilight zone marathon since we both love it. we kicked it off monday night & got 7 episodes in, that's right. we dedicated 3.5 hours of our lives to straight twilight zone & it was amazing. i can't wait to watch some more. the show is just so great. it's creepy/eery, it's got the old scary vibe,  unlike today's scary movies that are all about gore. it's actually artistic & makes you think. i admit, i don't understand the idea behind some of the episodes, but i love watching it none the less. not to mention the beginning, it's such a perfect sound & rod serling's voice is amazing. some episodes just stick with you. what are your favorites?

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