what i wore

today was my first day of work at anthropologie. i was nervous & excited to start, plus i had to find something to wear which was scary in itself.. anyways, work was great. i'm excited to go back & actually work rather than training. it's a such a creative work environment, always so much going on. i feel like i really learned a lot about the store & company today which makes me that much more excited to be working there.

undershirt: abercrombie & fitch, tshirt: american apparel
 vest: j.crew, pants: free people, boots: frye

top: free people, pants: joe's jeans, shoes: sperry topsiders, glasses: prada

blazer & black bracelets: j.crewm top: urban outfitters, 
pants: free people, shoes (even though you can't see them): sperry topsiders, watch: toy watch

sweater: free people, tank: not sure, jeans: rich & skinny, boots: not sure