mt timpanogos

today i set out to hike the 11,749 ft that make up mt timpanogos. blake, tayler & nate were the other hikers. we met eachother at 7, drove to the mountain, got there round 745, set out on the trail near 815. it was a good hike, it really worked me. i thought i was going to die due to the elevation level. it was quite the challenge, but a lot of fun. we hit the summit near 1230, hung around there & had lunch, then headed back down the mountain. 
we got a bit lost in the beginning.. but stumbled across this lovely waterfall 

snow cave that we stumbled across! i was so excited! the cave goes down what appears to be forever.
i'm convinced that sasquatch lives there. 
view from the summit. 
wild flowers.

love birds

guys, these two lovers are engaged. i could not be more happy or excited for them.
it blows my mind just how perfect they are for one another.

what i wore

the past few weeks have been kind of busy.. & i just keep forgetting to take pictures cause i'm usually on the go from moving stuff and running to pick up things i need. but i do have one picture! so hopefully it'll suffice! 

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top: urban outfitters
shorts: anthropologie

book terrarium

i want to make one of these. i found  them green wedding shoes.
To create the planters:
1. Draw a rectangle the size you want the planter to be to serve as the cutting guide.
2. Use an exacto knife to hollow out a 1-2 inch deep space where the plant will be. Then seal that with the modgepodge.
3. To further protect the book, place a layer of cling wrap in the space and sprinkle a layer of succulent potting soil. Plant your succulents along with moss and fabric flowers and you’re done!

utah summer 2011

i've been back exactly a week, & though i felt like all i had was down time, i really have done a lot.
here's the recap.
bachelorette dinner for heidi
heidi's wedding & bright eyes (for freeeee) at the twilight concert series
moonlight ride at sundance resort
saw the help & helped a friend make tapes for his band
went on a hike in park city
craft day with blake & went swimming with new friends 
lounged around with taryn & moved into my apartment.

i really have been pretty busy.
pictures soon to come
for whatever we lose
(like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves
we find in the sea.
-e.e. cummings


last tuesday blake & i set out on a road trip all the way to utah. it wasn't anything too exciting or different from the normal drive, until we hit vegas.
b: "did you know the hoover dam is like, 30 minutes that way?"
k: "really?"
b: "yeah. it's really cool."
k: "didn't they have an episode of looney tunes there?"
b: ".....really? ... maybe...?"
k: "yeah, i'm pretty sure they did."
b: "i don't know ker.. but it's that way."
k: "alright, we're going."
that's when i turned into a typical tourist. 
we went and saw the hoover dam (it was really cool), & after that we had to stop and take pictures at every state sign we passed.
unfortunately we missed the utah sign.
it went a little like this.. 
b: "uhh... hey, ker.. we just passed the utah sign. i didn't know if you wanted me to wake you up for it or not.."
k: "so instead you woke me up immediately after we passed it...?"
b: "uhh..... yeah...."
k: "thanks for ruining this whole experience."
don't worry, it was all in jest (mostly) & we still are friends & love eachother.
blake & i make great travel buddies. 
(see euro extravaganza stories)


last wednesday my friends & i went beach camping.
i'm going to go out on a limb & say beach camping is the best kind of camping.
it was a lovely couples retreat.
couple 1: nick & shayshay couple 2: matt & courtney couple 3: me & traci.
luckily for me traci agreed in coming camping, otherwise i would have been the total 5th wheel.
we all had a blast. we went down to onofre state beach so the boys could surf in the am.
it was already dark when we got there, so we got down to business.
we (the boys) pitched the tent, we (the boys) lit a fire, & we (the girls) made soo many s'mores.
then the boys serenaded us & we told spoooooky stories before we went to sleep.
all the necessities for a perfect camping trip.
matt, nick & pup

i think we love each
other more than the we love the boys
shayla, courtney, traci & me

couples retreat 2011
nick & shayla, matt & courtney, traci & me + pup

what i wore

i've been terrible at taking photos lately! i get caught up in doing things that i just forget. unfortunately this week i haven't had that many reasons to really get dressed besides church, i've just been lounging around. but i did find a photo i forgot to post of a wedding outfit! so that's good. gives a little more excitement to this what i wore post. 

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to church i go!
skirt & sweater: anthropologie
shirt (it's actually a dress, i justed tucked it in): urban outfitters
shoes: seychelles
pinky ring: byu bookstore, middle rings: sundance,
pointer: pearl-greece, ruby- borrowed
pointer: j.crew, middle: lola bella
glasses: chanel 
 to dinner i go!
jean jacket: free people
v neck: j.crew
pants: g star
shoes: all stars
glasses: chanel
to my friends wedding i go!
skirt: anthropologie
shirt: free people
necklace & bracelets: j.crew
watch: cartier
to run errands i go!
shirt: urban outfitters
jeans: rich & skinny