last tuesday blake & i set out on a road trip all the way to utah. it wasn't anything too exciting or different from the normal drive, until we hit vegas.
b: "did you know the hoover dam is like, 30 minutes that way?"
k: "really?"
b: "yeah. it's really cool."
k: "didn't they have an episode of looney tunes there?"
b: ".....really? ... maybe...?"
k: "yeah, i'm pretty sure they did."
b: "i don't know ker.. but it's that way."
k: "alright, we're going."
that's when i turned into a typical tourist. 
we went and saw the hoover dam (it was really cool), & after that we had to stop and take pictures at every state sign we passed.
unfortunately we missed the utah sign.
it went a little like this.. 
b: "uhh... hey, ker.. we just passed the utah sign. i didn't know if you wanted me to wake you up for it or not.."
k: "so instead you woke me up immediately after we passed it...?"
b: "uhh..... yeah...."
k: "thanks for ruining this whole experience."
don't worry, it was all in jest (mostly) & we still are friends & love eachother.
blake & i make great travel buddies. 
(see euro extravaganza stories)

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