mt timpanogos

today i set out to hike the 11,749 ft that make up mt timpanogos. blake, tayler & nate were the other hikers. we met eachother at 7, drove to the mountain, got there round 745, set out on the trail near 815. it was a good hike, it really worked me. i thought i was going to die due to the elevation level. it was quite the challenge, but a lot of fun. we hit the summit near 1230, hung around there & had lunch, then headed back down the mountain. 
we got a bit lost in the beginning.. but stumbled across this lovely waterfall 

snow cave that we stumbled across! i was so excited! the cave goes down what appears to be forever.
i'm convinced that sasquatch lives there. 
view from the summit. 
wild flowers.

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