grateful dead

today i was searching for a picture of the grateful dead's dancing skeleton. as some of you may know, i'm really into skeletons, skulls, bones.. that kind of thing (not in a creepy way) & i like the grateful dead. plus they have a cool symbol of a dancing skeleton. while on my search i came across this sticker 
you may wonder why this sticker caught my attention. well, when i was really young my dad gave me this exact sticker, except it didn't say grateful dead on top. i stuck it on my closet wall, as a little kid would, & ever since i'd look at it & think it was such a strange sticker that my dad gave me. i always wondered where on earth he got it & why he even had it. come to find out.. 14 or 15 years later.. it's a sticker from one of his favorite bands. i think it's kind of cool to now know where it came from. 

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