i've been engaged for less than a week & its been a whirlwind! i've gotten a lot figured out, but there's still a lot more to do.. i've got the reception center, the date, the dress.. so all the BIG things. now i keep thinking of all the little details.. cake, flowers, hair, registering, where to live, food, even what nail polish to wear... i keep bouncing back and forth from one thing to the next, i think i need to calm down. it was helpful that austin was out of town this weekend, it gave me ample amount of time to do major wedding planning. needless to say,  it's been busy but fun. in that time i've managed to find new bands that are pretty good, the first recommended to me by a friend, the second by my brother in-law. check them out! 

cover of the gotye song, it's awesome. 5 people, 1 guitar

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