spring break

the past week & a half has been crazy
austin, ashley & i all drove down to california for spring break & some major wedding planning
everyday we did a lot of things for it, which was good but it was a lot! 
friday i got my hair done & we went to see the reception center in person for the first time
i absolutely love it. it's going to be so beautiful. 
saturday we took our engagement pictures at the santa monica pier
i cannot wait to see what they look like
monday we went to neptunes net with reilly & hung out at the beach for a bit
tuesday we filmed a video to possibly show at our wedding
we talked about how we met & got engaged & then they followed us around doing fun things
wednesday we went to disneyland! i think that was my favorite part 
it was so fun, we met with kelly & her family & our cousin gabi!
thursday we went to the florist to talk about arrangements (they're going to be beautiful)
& cake tasting, they were all so delicious.
after all of that we headed to joshua tree to meet up with a group of our friends for camping & rock climbing
it was really fun. sadly it started to get stormy so we had to leave a day early, but it was really fun.
so we had a lot going on within one week
& now back in snowy, cold utah for school

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