it all started when austin moved in across the street from me
 with a few boys i was friends with.
the first time i remember actually hanging out with austin was in his family room, 
with a group of people. 
he & his roommate, tanner, had just gotten back from camping for a few nights, 
& the first thing i heard him say was "yeah, i still haven't showered. it's been almost 3 days." 
& i thought, "huh. he's a boys boy." 
(whatever that means)
after i left that night tanner called to tell me that i had left my debit card there, 
& if i didn't come to get it soon, he would hide it from me so i would have to search. 
i went over a few hours later, but didn't get there soon enough.
i barged through the door & austin, sitting in the corner doing homework, looked up surprised at this random girl just walking in & asked "who are you?" so i did the same (with a little more attitude), "well, who are you?" 
& that's how it all started. 
after playing a game of hot & cold for me to find my debit card,
we talked for a few minutes, i read over his paper, & quickly added myself onto his Facebook. 
the next time i saw him, i was about to leave his house, 
but i had a feeling i should go & say bye to austin. 
i walked upstairs, where he was watching a movie, & we ended up talking for nearly 3 hours.
 i had learned we had nearly everything in common, & i knew there was something very different about this boy, but i didn't know what it was. 
i just knew that i wanted to get to know him more.
so i persisted. i messaged him on facebook, because i didn't have his number yet, 
& told him that we needed to go rock climbing. being the impatient person i am, i quickly got over facebook messaging & sent him my number. 
the next day we went climbing.
i had the biggest butterflies, but i also felt incredibly comfortable with him. i had never met anyone i could talk to so easily.
(he also liked the weird bands i like which is a sign of true love)
the next time we went climbing had a lot of firsts. 
it turned into our first official date, 
the first night we held hands, 
& our first kiss.
after that, the rest is history.
we spent every day together,
& fell in love.