late at night

sometimes, in the middle of the night i wake up, & have an epiphany idea. last night was one of those nights. i woke up slightly restless around 5 in the morning & it just came to me: the perfect table number  & name cards for my wedding. now, this is just a minor details & it was not in any way troubling to me, but i liked the burst of creativity that created them & i'm excited to create the test run. hopefully it won't be harder than i imagine. it involves glitter, beautiful typography, & thread. sounds simple enough, right? throughout the day i kept coming up with different little ideas to add to them & i think i've got it down to perfect... at least perfect in my head. 
these are the things i was thinking of while i was supposed to be working on homework, quizzes, & my philosophy test. instead i watched mamma mia, made the guest book for our wedding, cleaned, & wrote the rest of my thank you notes, all before attempting the actual important tasks at hand. can you say procrastination? i'm pretty sure it should be my middle name. but hey, i got it done & a lot of other good things too. so it worked out. 
another one of my big causes of procrastination is the thought of our home to be & how to decorate it. it's a little hard figuring out what we would want/need considering we don't know where exactly we'll be living. but i still like to look. i'm currently obsessing with these two bedspreads. i can't get over them. they are just so bright & cheery. i love them. 

(bedding via anthro)