spring snowboarding

with the temperature rising, we decided to take in our last snow day, & whats a better way than with a group of friends? saturday some friends & i decided we needed to go snowboarding together, & i'm pretty sure it was the last day of the season for me. i've never been spring snowboarding, or snowboarding on a warm day, but today it was a toasty 55 degrees. there wasn't a whole lot of snow on the mountain, but what was there was slushy & really fun. i'm kind of sad to see snowboarding season go (even though there wasn't much of one this year), but i'm excited for the summer. with summer comes: swimming, more climbing & tans. plus, i'm getting married in the summer.


  1. ohh i want so bad snowing but in Portugal is like impossible :(

  2. just glad that my hoodlum look was captured for everyone to enjoy.