stresses of an engaged student

my life has been a bit stressful lately. i've been extremely consumed with wedding planning. (it's kind of my main topic to talk about but i figure it only happens once in a girls life, so it's ok.. right?) i have spent a lot of time searching for the perfect this or that. & now that i have all of the big decisions made, i've been spending a lot of time picking out the details. i guess i never realized how difficult it can be to pick out wedding details. but the details are what tie it all together into one glorious event.
so now i'm trying to figure out the perfect wedding favor, the perfect way to display the favor, kinds of candy at the candy bar, packaging for candy at the candy bar, furniture pieces to use at the reception venue, linen colors (thanks to my mom, those have been decided), centerpieces, how to display the centerpieces, what frames to use to put up pictures of austin & i at the reception...
it's a lot of work. but i kind of am really loving doing it. the hardest part is narrowing everything i've ever wanted into one wedding & making it blend. i keep telling austin if we could get married 5 times i would, so i could plan 5 different weddings.
on top of the wedding planning is school. this semester crept by without my realizing it. i can't believe that it's already time for finals, it's kind of nerve-racking. this time of the year always stresses me out & makes me a little worried. so having the option of wedding planning or studying, isn't the best combination for me. i've already gone over my issues with procrastinating, so it's probably no surprise that i often pick wedding planning over studying. needless to say, i'm excited that it is april for a few reasons:
1. finals are over soon
2. i get a month of relaxation (when i'm not planning & working out details)
3. we get married in less than two months

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