walt disney world weekend

a couple months ago my sister got invited to attend a blogger conference at walt disney world
& my mom & i got invited to tag along & help out with the kiddos.
while kelly goes to the conference, we go all over walt disney world with the kids.
yesterday we spent the day at the animal kingdom, 
kelly met up with us in the afternoon
& we went on rides, a safari, & met some characters.
one really cool thing about this conference is every night they have 
event dinners, where the families are invited.
the dinners are like a party.
yesterdays was at the animal kingdom after hours.
we were the only people there, with a dj,
access to dinoland & it's rides & games,
& mount everest.
it was awesome.
there were no lines, & we could go
as many times as we wanted.
they also had an amazing dessert table
where you could make your own strawberry shortcake.
i loved it!

today was the last day of the conference, so kelly ended before we even got out of bed.
we then spent the day at epcot.
ever since we came here in february for the princess 1/2 
i've thought epcot was a pretty neat place. for anyone who haven't been here, 
let me tell you a little about it. there is a lake/pond in the middle of epcot, where they shoot off fireworks & have boat rides & such. 
all around the lake are different countries like england, france, south mexico, 
haiti, italy & a few others. 
it's really cool going through all of the different countries because they 
really make you feel like you are there. they sell different drinks, 
candies & knick knacks per country. 
we had fun in england looking in the tea shop at all of their cute teapots & teacups 
(i'm a sucker for tea paraphernalia) 
& getting some of our favorite english candies!

& the dinner tonight was at walt disney worlds new animation resort.
the resort hasn't opened yet, but will this may.
it was really, really cool to see before it was open!
they have drawings & sketches from movies all over the walls,
& is extremely colorful.
the rooms have different themes, 
like finding nemo, cars & the little mermaid.
it a lot of fun!

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  1. Hope you had a great time..you look gorgeous by the way..as usual