music find

ever since i was introduced to teenage fan club, 
i've been a big fan. there's something about their music that just gets my attention.
i really love it. they have a really cool sound & i love their lyrics.
it's different from a lot of other bands, & it was really different from anything
i listened to when i first heard them. they've been around for a while,
but haven't come out with a new album for a couple years.

so when i heard that one of the members was coming out with a solo album 
i was really excited to hear what it would be like. 
i really like it, it reminds me a bit of wilco, 
& is different from teenage fan clubs sound, 
which is cool that he developed his own  sound. 
check it out!

Downton Sixbey

so, last week i got real into downton abbey. 
i had never watched it before, but my mom had season 1 
so i decided to see what the hype had been all about.
needless to say, i fell in love & was slightly obsessed with it. 
(i watched the first 5 episodes in one night)
& finished both seasons within one week... obsessed.
so the other day my mom called me in to watch downton sixbey, jimmy fallons
spoof on downton abbey. it's pretty funny, if any of you watch downton abbey, 
you'll probably find it as hilarious as my mom & i did.
& if you don't watch it yet, you should. 


top to bottom:
me & austin waiting for my favorite chocolate drink from the coffee bean
red bull sound space where shan & i saw nelly furtado play a few songs
finally got to see ashley & jakes cute little baby boy johnny 
me & reilly after best coast
marriage text from shayla!
me & shan at deer creek
caprese sandwich: what i eat almost everyday
my cute cat gracie 

i'm like a bird

yesterday shannon & i  went to venice for a small, private viewing of nelly furtado. it was cool to be in such a small group of people & have her singing to us. she sang songs off of her new album, her first top hit that i was obsessed with: i'm like a bird, & songs off the album loose. the songs off loose instantly brought me back to senior year of high school. it was so weird & kind of funny to think of what triggers old memories to come rushing back. apparently nelly furtado songs were big my senior year! 
afterwards, we drove back home from venice on the coast. it was a beautiful day, so i made shannon drive up to a secret spot that a couple of my friends & i used to go to all the time in high school.  it's an empty lot on top of a hill that has the best view of the beach, malibu & pch. i love it up there. i used to go all the time by myself & sit up there to think or read. it's the best spot for that because there are rarely other people up there. there's something about the ocean that makes me think like crazy. i think about the new, what the future holds for me & my fiends & family. i think about the past, what has happened & what could have been. it gives me such a never ending feeling of freedom. i love it. just knowing that i'm at the end of california, or wherever i am, blows my mind. i love being able to reach the end of land. i always have. it gives me a sense of calmness that i can't achieve anywhere else because no where else is as open. i feel like there are endless possibilities whenever i'm at the beach. it makes me remember how small i am in the grand scheme of things. my mind can just run wild when i'm at the beach, & most of the time thats where i have my best thinking.  it's funny how little things can trigger old feelings & memories, it's crazy to think how much has changed in my life that i never expected! it was so beautiful yesterday that we needed to take a few pictures & i really love them. it was a bit breezy, but we worked with it & had fun.


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the most precious photo of austin in honor of his birthday
best coast live at the wiltern!
surprise cat card from austin
freshly painted mint nail polish
succulent gifts at my bridal shower!
a skull with feathers that came in a package
newly purchased anchor earrings
loved the arrow display at the topanga mall louis vuitton
jar full of my favorite candy: mini jaw breakers
morning run in the hills behind my house listening to best coast!

best coast

last night dom, reilly, joey, gretta & i went to see best coast play at the wiltern. 
this show was probably one of the best shows i've gone to in a really long time. 
everything sounded awesome. she's got a great live voice 
& i love every single song that the band has. 
they're all about california & how it's the best place to live (which is true) 
& have a complete surf rock vibe to them. it was really awesome. 
we were all so excited to go & see them play. the band was super energetic on stage & 
the crowd all had such a good vibe to them.  you could tell everyone 
was just so happy & excited to be there. it really was so awesome. 
i would totally go & see them play again, it would be so worth it. 
it would have been perfect had we been able to get closer, 
but it wasn't too bad where we were. 
we danced to every song single song & had the most fun. 
their new album is incredible. 
i'm pretty sure there isn't a song on it that i don't like. 
check out the video of their song do you love me like you used to. 
it's off their new album, the only place,
 & is one of my new favorites!

the best exotic marigold hotel

the other night my mom & i went to the local independent theater 
& saw the best exotic marigold hotel. the movie is about 7 older people from england, 
who all decide for one reason or another, to go & live in a retirement home 
called the best exotic marigold hotel. 
the hotel is in india & not at all what it was advertised to be. 
some of the guests hate it & others fall in love with the hotel, 
the culture & their new life. it was a really fun, good movie. 
both my mom & i loved it. 
the movie really made my urge to go to india a lot stronger. 
india looks like a completely different world & everything is so foreign to me. 
even while watching the movie i couldn't help but think how crazy it all looks. 
i think it would be so fun to go & stay there for a few months 
to really learn about the culture & their way of life. 
hopefully austin & i will be able to do that one day!
& hopefully it'll be before we need to be 
in a retirement home!

15 days

there are only 15 days before the wedding & i can hardly believe how close it all is. i'm a little more stressed now that it's so close than i was before. rsvp's are in (for the most part). the menu has been chosen. our first dance song is picked. the bridesmaids outfits are finished (thank goodness). the groom finally has his suit. the wedding dress zipper is fixed & better than ever. the groomsmen all have their suits & ties. linens & dishes are picked. the candy has arrived for the candy bar. the wedding cake is finalized. the guests gifts are set. the honeymoon is almost set in stone. & the groom arrives in a week! now just the very last details need to be set: seating chart, flower displays, my going away dress, what to pack for a honeymoon, projector & screen for slideshow... those sorts of things. i'm so excited for it to all come together & see how everything turns out. & i'm also very excited to see our friends & family that are able to come to the wedding! i think it is going to be so much fun, it'll be a party.

happy birthday

today is austins birthday
sadly i couldn't be there with him,
but i wanted to share a few reasons why i love him.
1. he's a hunk

2. he likes boy things like fishing, rock climbing, 
skateboarding & snowboarding

3. he makes me giggle

4. he's the smartest boy i know

5. he makes me happier than anyone else

i'm pretty lucky to be engaged
to this handsome boy.
he's the best & i cannot wait to
not only see him again
but to be married to him for the rest of ever.
happy birthday!



top to bottom
a mockup of the centerpieces & bouquets for the wedding!
my mama at disneyland when she was my age!
me & reilly on a hike 
princess charlie with her hair & makeup done up for her birthday celebration at disneyland
carne asada tacos from guadalajara mexican market (they're the best)
close up & personal
shannon enjoying our bike ride

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boys & arrows

tonight i got in bed around 11, which is pretty early for me. i had decided i should go finish my book & go to sleep early, so i would be able to wake up rested & early for a hike i have planned tomorrow. 
but instead, i saw my computer on my bed & decided i should really look for bathing suits again. 
every year i go through the same process, needing & wanting a new bathing suit, but not knowing where to look. i've already been on the hunt for the last few weeks for a suit that i just needed to have. 
i've seen some pretty cute ones, but nothing that really caught my attention. 
but then, tonight, while i was searching all over the place, i came across the bathing suit company 
boys & arrows & i instantly adored them. i don't know what it is, but i truly love them. the colors they use are awesome. & the shapes & styles they use are great. there's just something different about these swim suits that i love. & i had to have one. what do you think of them?


every summer, salt lake hosts the twilight concert series.
every week in july & august they have two bands play 
downtown in pioneer park. the bands are generally popular &
really good. there's no specific genre of music
they gear it towards, so  most everyone likes it & goes.
plus, it's only $5, so why wouldn't you want to go?
i'm so excited about twilight this year because it's going to be the first summer
i'm in utah for all of the shows, & the lineup is awesome.
july 5: beach house & the walkmen july 12: raphael saadiq & jj grey & mofro july 19 & 26: tbaaugust 2: my morning jacket august 9: passion pit & austra august 16: iron and wine & kathleen edwards august 23: m. ward & devotchka august 30: common 
i'm stoked on beach house, the walkmen, passion pit, 
iron and wine, & m. ward.
i can't wait to see all of them play! i've seen
passion pit & iron and wine before & they were both so
good. it's going to be awesome. 
i wasn't familiar with some of the names that were mentioned though,
so i looked them up & they all sound really cool. 
one that i really liked was austra,
she's got a sweet sound that kind of reminds me of the 80's for some reason
i also find her voice to be amazing. 
check out her video below!

mermaid hair

there have been a lot of hot, fun hair trends this past year & one of my absolute favorites is the color trend. i love that bright colored hair is popping up all over, whether its a whole head, a strip, or dipped ends. i love it. it instantly transforms hair into something bold & exciting, 
& it kind of reminds me of a mermaid. 
i want to be brave enough to try it. i've been nervous about it because of the fact that  it is slightly permanent. unless i want to go through extreme hair repair to take it out.. which i wouldn't want to do. thats why i was thrilled to see  
the beauty departments post on temporary tone! 
takes you through a few easy steps on how to do it & the best part is it doesn't damage hair in the slightest & within a few rinses, it's gone. the color conditioner is meant to make red hair more vibrant, but gives lighter blonde hair a pinkish tone instead of a vibrant red. i think this could be a fun thing to try in the summer, but i'll start off small

an afternoon at disneyland

my family loves disneyland.
if you haven't noticed, probably half my blog posts are 
include something disney related, if not disneyland itself.
today's is no different. 
this afternoon my mom, austin & i went down to disneyland.
we met my sister & her kids there to celebrate my
nieces 3rd birthday!
she got her hair done at 
bippidy boppidy boo boutique
in fantasy land & looked like quite the little
princess in her tangled costume.
the day was perfect with practically no lines.
we had just enough time to go onto all the rides we wanted to
without having to wait a lot.
we finished the night off with dinner in
down town disney at
jazz kitchen.
a new orleans themed restaurant
they had a piano player & really good music!
all in all it was a pretty perfect day

a love story

a couple weeks ago i was looking at this blog & saw this video.
i really, really enjoyed this video.
after watching it i went through & watched some of their others,
but this one is my favorite.

life as of lately

wednesday i went to lunch with my mama & her bowling ladies
afterwards we went & saw salmon fishing in the yemen
& had a night in watching our favorite show, revenge.
thursday was a busy day. i had my trial run for hair & makeup
for the wedding day. i loved it!
my mama & i then went to meet with the caterer
& we went over the menu options, place settings, table clothes etc.
came home & took a nap before going out to dinner
with some girl friends of mine.
it was so fun to see them & chat!
once i was home it was invitation time.
my mom & i stayed up till 3 a.m. stuffing envelopes
while watching the wonder years.
friday i woke up & got a massage
it was the best thing.
then i came home to lick & stamp all of our envelopes
mailed them off. my wedding dress came in the mail!
i was so excited to try it on & for my mom to see the alterations.
i put it on & we were trying on jewelry with it
& when it came time to take it off... it as stuck.
sad to say the zipper came slightly broken & we had to completely
break it to get it off... stressful yet sort of funny. i'm just glad i'm no longer stuck in my dress.
& that we figured it out before the day of the wedding. that would have been terrible.
afterwards, we went to meet with the florist!
saturday my mom, sister in-law & i went to a wedding shower
& i waited for austin's arrival! 
after he got here we went to see the avengers with my family.
sunday we went to church 
& had a bbq with the family & our friends matt, courtney & danielle 
then went & played games with some more friends.
all in all it's been a really fun & busy last few days
skirt: made well top: nordstroms heels: christian louboutin watch: casio
i am linked here
check it out to see other blogger outfits!


top to bottom:
me & austin
my cute cat, gracie
neon pants + leopard shoes
the best time of the year: strawberry season
a piece of our wedding invites
me at walke disney world with my churro

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