best coast

last night dom, reilly, joey, gretta & i went to see best coast play at the wiltern. 
this show was probably one of the best shows i've gone to in a really long time. 
everything sounded awesome. she's got a great live voice 
& i love every single song that the band has. 
they're all about california & how it's the best place to live (which is true) 
& have a complete surf rock vibe to them. it was really awesome. 
we were all so excited to go & see them play. the band was super energetic on stage & 
the crowd all had such a good vibe to them.  you could tell everyone 
was just so happy & excited to be there. it really was so awesome. 
i would totally go & see them play again, it would be so worth it. 
it would have been perfect had we been able to get closer, 
but it wasn't too bad where we were. 
we danced to every song single song & had the most fun. 
their new album is incredible. 
i'm pretty sure there isn't a song on it that i don't like. 
check out the video of their song do you love me like you used to. 
it's off their new album, the only place,
 & is one of my new favorites!

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