boys & arrows

tonight i got in bed around 11, which is pretty early for me. i had decided i should go finish my book & go to sleep early, so i would be able to wake up rested & early for a hike i have planned tomorrow. 
but instead, i saw my computer on my bed & decided i should really look for bathing suits again. 
every year i go through the same process, needing & wanting a new bathing suit, but not knowing where to look. i've already been on the hunt for the last few weeks for a suit that i just needed to have. 
i've seen some pretty cute ones, but nothing that really caught my attention. 
but then, tonight, while i was searching all over the place, i came across the bathing suit company 
boys & arrows & i instantly adored them. i don't know what it is, but i truly love them. the colors they use are awesome. & the shapes & styles they use are great. there's just something different about these swim suits that i love. & i had to have one. what do you think of them?

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