mermaid hair

there have been a lot of hot, fun hair trends this past year & one of my absolute favorites is the color trend. i love that bright colored hair is popping up all over, whether its a whole head, a strip, or dipped ends. i love it. it instantly transforms hair into something bold & exciting, 
& it kind of reminds me of a mermaid. 
i want to be brave enough to try it. i've been nervous about it because of the fact that  it is slightly permanent. unless i want to go through extreme hair repair to take it out.. which i wouldn't want to do. thats why i was thrilled to see  
the beauty departments post on temporary tone! 
takes you through a few easy steps on how to do it & the best part is it doesn't damage hair in the slightest & within a few rinses, it's gone. the color conditioner is meant to make red hair more vibrant, but gives lighter blonde hair a pinkish tone instead of a vibrant red. i think this could be a fun thing to try in the summer, but i'll start off small

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