life after wedding

all wedding things have now come to an end. it's a bitter sweet feeling. it's crazy to think my one big day that i've dreamt about my whole life has come & gone.  i'm kind of sad to think there will be no more wedding plans or parties, but at the same time happy to get rid of whatever stress came along with the wedding preparations! this past week has been constantly busy for austin & i. we got back from our honeymoon monday afternoon, & drove back to utah tuesday morning. once we got back we had a lot more wedding gifts that were waiting for us at his parents house to open, & a whole other reception to look forward to! the utah reception was beautiful, austins mom put it all together & i loved it. all of the decorations were perfect, the flowers beautiful & the food & deserts were delicious.  i couldn't of asked for anything else. i was so excited to wear my dress one more time before it got packed away. after the reception we went back to his parents house where we opened the remaining gifts that we got at the reception with his family.  austin & i spent friday taking all of our gifts to our apartment & setting everything up. it was a long process, but it came together pretty well & we're almost finished. i cannot wait for it to be 100% finished & taken care of.  we spent saturday in salt lake where we went to a family friends 50th wedding anniversary, & afterwards returning gifts & getting a few items that we needed. that evening we met up with ashley, nick, shayla, abigayle & parker at este's, a pizza place down town, & then we all went to see moonrise kingdom. there's a few things i've learned throughout the whole wedding experience.. 
1. i've learned that you have to let the little things go, otherwise it  could ruin the whole occasion
2. not to stress about how everything is going to look on the day of, it will look beautiful & if you don't like it, it's too late to change anything.
3. you will get one item at least 4 times, possibly a few different items multiple times.
4. people will give you things from stores you will never be able to figure out, so you'll have a few extra unnecessary kitchen items. 
5. its helpful to have a married friend come with you when registering or returning, so they can tell you what you actually will need (turns out you don't need something just because its adorable) 
6. returning gifts is one of the hardest/ most annoying things in the world
7. people do not like to give you gift receipts
8. you have to go with it, or you won't enjoy your special day
9. try to sample everything at your wedding, otherwise you won't have anything
10. you probably won't see everything at your wedding & how cute everything looks, but it's ok because you'll have pictures that you can look at, so don't worry
11. you'll change your mind a lot in the process of planning
12. be open to what other people suggest, don't be too strong headed 
otherwise it might cause an issue & it's really not worth it. 
13. you'll probably return/exchange a lot of gifts. it's ok. don't feel bad, 
no one can fit that many gifts in their home.
14. your dress will get dirty, theres no way of getting around it, it's ok. 
the dry cleaners can get it out.

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  1. loved looking at your pictures! fun seeing you thurs. you looked beautiful!!!