my week with jo

this past week i got an unexpected, special visit from my mama

i was so excited when she texted me friday night saying that she would come up on monday.
i had been trying to get her to come out to celebrate my birthday since i won't be able to go home for it this year, but it was too chaotic of a time so she said she couldn't. 
luckily she was able to find time before my birthday which was perfect. i hadn't really realized, but this is the first summer i've spent not at home. in california. it's kind of strange that in my almost 23 years of life that this is the first. this will also only be the 2 time i haven't been home for my birthday.. which is also weird. i guess i actually am kind of.. sort of... growing up. how weird. anyways....
she arrived monday afternoon so austin & i hurried up there to catch up & have dinner with her.
we also went to see woody allen's latest, to rome with love..... and we were all disappointed. 
so maybe don't go see it if you haven't.... that night nick & shayla came up to see my mom & we played bananagrams which incredibly fun & apples to apples. 
tuesday austin & i went boating with his family for pioneer day & it was so much fun. i love just riding in the boat, i'm perfectly content not going in the water, but we did go tubing & i love tubing. i don't know what it is, but i absolutely love it & can't stop laughing when i'm on one! after boating we went & had dinner at one or my mom & my favorite restaurants the dodo. the dodo is in sugar house & is delicious. plus, they have my favorite dessert: peanut butter cheesecake. it's heavenly.
i oddly enough have no recollection of what happened on wednesday.. so skip that day..
thursday we got our nails done & went to lunch with, taryn, my cousin whitney & her little babe wren & wandered the mall. 
friday austin & i went to lunch with my mom & her siblings before austin headed off for a weekend of fishing with his dad & brothers. later that night we went down to city creek to meet danece, kirstine & whitney where we wandered that mall & got dinner at kneaders. 
saturday my mom & i went & saw a friends new house & then went to see rock of ages. i actually really liked the movie! i love musicals, & what's not to love about the 80's rock & roll? it was really fun.
afterward we met whit & baby wren for dinner at brio.
sadly we had to say our goodbyes on sunday, but it was so fun having her here! & austin came home, so that was a good thing! 


  1. it was such a fun week! i have also missed having you home this summer! love you!

  2. best week ever!! love being with you jo!!