our little nest

i'm sure i've said it before, but i'm going to say it again. we are finally settled into our apartment & i love it. it's pretty perfect for the two of us. it's little, but i think thats part of the reason i love it so much. i like the coziness of it & the problems it's given us to solve (like where to keep everything)
as previously mentioned, it is a studio loft apartment... this leaves us with little to no storage space... or so we thought. we've gotten creative & we seem to have found a spot for everything we need, without feeling cluttered. we added an extra cabinet (from ikea) to our kitchen to house our large kitchen appliances, we've separated our clothes into seasons & are on a rotation schedule (i'm worried for winter.. as i mentioned to austin, i may not wear my long sleeves in the summer but i still wear short sleeves in the winter... oh dear), we have a bookshelf for all of our favorite reads (plus another container full of books we just won't think about for now), a dresser for austins clothes & storage bins under our couches. i know, it sounds like a lot, but it really fits well. our little space has surprised us both. 
today austin & i got to looking at articles & blogs about small spaced apartments, studio, & loft apartments and it really got us wondering how big (or little) our little nest is. we came home after going to our friends show & austin brought his measuring tape & to our surprise we have a grand total of 528 sq. ft! i guess it's not so little after all (especially after reading about a couple who live in 240 sq. ft!) our kitchen, tiny eating hall, family room, closet & bathroom space equals to 420 sq ft, with our loft being the remaining 108 sq. ft. we were both certain that it was around 320 sq. ft, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out it was quite a bit bigger! 
it's been fun trying to figure out how to fit everything we need into our space & kind of liberating to throw away the things i kept in my garage the last 3 years in plastic bins that i just could. not. part. with. (i have no idea why i couldn't part with it), but thats sort of the story of me. i'm a collector & decorate in a (slightly) organized clutter type of way. so for me, it's big to be throwing all sorts of things out. 
pictures soon to come! & in the meantime, check out ikea's ideas for small spaces. they're awesome.

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  1. Love this! We are moving to AZ this month and our place is 650 SQ and I am stressing about where to put everything! I want to see pictures of your place so I can get Ideas!!