the uintas

I've been asking/telling austin that i wanted to go camping for a couple of weeks & we finally went this past weekend. our plan was to fish & to rock climb, so we drove up into the uintas & searched for a campsite. we drove all around looking in all the different campgrounds, 
assuming it would be easy to find one, however we failed to notice a tiny factor. we chose to go camping over the 24 weekend, & for anyone who doesn't live in utah, the 24 is a big deal since it's pioneer day & all. anyways, we drove all over & 
failed at finding a campsite, so we decided to hike in & camp at ruth lake. i've never hiked into ... anywhere... with a pack on, so i won't lie, i felt pretty outdoorsy.
we hiked in around 8 pm, set up camp & made dinner around 9, so we quickly went to sleep.
when we woke up our plan was to go fishing & climbing, but it had rained during the night
so we needed to wait for it to dry out a little bit so we started off with fishing.
we fished for about an hour & a half, but we noticed rain clouds headed our direction,
so we packed up, headed out & made it right before the storm hit.
luckily for us. even though we didn't get to climb, it was still so much fun just to go out
& camp.
 me all ready to hike
 admiring our hike
 reeses for dessert 

 view out of our tent
where we camped 

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  1. FUN!! Looks gorgeous!! Me and Al have never been camping together and Im dying to go this summer! Maybe I'll text you for some details on where to go!