yesterday shannon & i went to disneyland & like usual, loved it.
shannon got her first annual pass so now she can go all the time & i renewed mine.
the park was surprisingly empty & we hit all of our favorite rides quickly with hardly any waiting time.
we went to dinner at calfornia adventure where we got tickets for the world of color
& saw cars land for the first time. it was all perfect
till we got to the world of color where i noticed i had lost my everyday diamond tooth necklace.
needless to say, i was pretty bummed. i did find the chain caught in my hair, so assuming it broke while i put my jacket on at dinner, we went back to the restaurant where we thought it would be. sadly to say it was not. despite my loss we still went on my all time favorite c.a. adventure ride: tower of terror, & it quickly made me extremely happy.
before we left we went to the lost & found just to double check for my necklace charm & to my extreme surprise someone had found it & turned it in. i was so, so happy. i couldn't believe someone actually found it, it's a pretty small necklace charm & i lost it at nighttime, so i am very blessed to have had it found.
we then made our way back to the car, where we both learned neither of us were paying attention while we parked because we had no idea where the car was. we wandered around the disneyland parking lot for about half an hour & all over three different levels before shannon spotted it. so that was fun.
all in all it was a fun day at disneyland & it reminded me of this alice in wonderland video.
it's an alice in wonderland mashup with different parts of the music & vocals making a sort of techno song to parts of the movie. i think it's pretty cool, so maybe you will too.

wedding day: the reception

our reception was held at maravilla gardens, in camarillo c.a. & i wouldn't have changed anything about  it. they were so great to work with & helpful the day of. maravilla gardens once was a nursery, & now is a wild flower garden & wedding venue. 
when guests arrived to maravilla, they walked down a path leading them into the cocktail hour where we had delicious hor d'oeuvres & a photo booth complete with costumes. after cocktail hour, doors to the dinner & where the rest of the reception would be held opened. the wedding party was announced & we all walked into the reception center while the band played postcards from italy by beirut & leading austin & i into our first dance to james taylor's how sweet it is to be loved by you. we also had a mother/son & for me, a brother(s)/sister dance to willie nelson's have i told you lately, in honor of my dad. after dinner more guests began to arrive & it turned into a huge party full of all of our loved ones & a whole lot of dancing! 
sorry there is a definite picture overload, but it's hard narrowing down favorites!
 all of our nieces & nephews

 left: the mullin family right: the davis family

 left: my oldest brother, willie  center: my brother-in-law, jeff  right: my brother russell

ramblings from yesterday

i like the days that are spent lazy, simple & with good company.
yesterday we went to lazy dog for lunch with ashley, baby johnny, larene, traci & jodi. it was so fun. i love being home for the weekly girl lunches. afterward ashley, johnny, larene, my mom 
& i went to see the odd life of timothy green, which was a pretty cute little movie. 
after the movie i went to yoga with shannon. it was both longer & much more difficult than we expected. i don't think i've had that much sweat from a yoga class before. it was pretty funny for the two of us. after we picked up some dinner & watched the hunger games with ashley & jake. it was nothing big or spectacular, but those are the times i like best. i just love being surrounded by the ones i love the most. sometimes i wonder where i'd be without all of them. but i'd rather not know. its days like those that i seem to remember the most. 

the lumineers

i really love this.

oh, mexico

oh, mexico it sounds so sweet 
with the sun sinking low 
moon's so bright like to light up the night 
make everything all right 
james taylor
last night i got back from a week long stay in playa del carmen, mexico. it was a perfect ending to this summer. austin & i left early friday morning & met my family for a week of relaxation. we swam a lot, played with the kiddies, slept a lot & read even more. it was the best. 
i love going on family vacations. it's not overly common that my whole family is together since we are kind of all over. so when we are  together, it's a little crazy with 6 little kids going insane over each other & us. they are definitely high-energy & it's pretty fun. they never leave you with a dull moment, so i'm actually amazed at how much i was able to read & sleep. 
while we were there we went into the town of playa del carmen, had a tour of the tulum ruins, had encounters with numerous rain storms, played in the pool & the ocean, went kayaking, sailing & jet ski-ing & had dinner on the beach. 


instagrams from mexico!

left to right, top to bottom:
1. my brother got a really great phone case. it lets you take pictures underwater. 
obviously i wanted to test it out.
2. view of the beach from tulum, mexico! 
3. quote that i love & found from pinterest 
4. me & baby charlie love wearing matching robes & watching tv together 
5. clear sky & clear water 
6. austy loving vacation life 
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wedding day: details

it's all in the details. isn't it?
i've always been a detail kind of girl. i love the small, often unnoticed details. & i always have. i spot them & am instantly drawn. i can't explain it.
needless to say, there were, i'm sure, a lot of unnoticed details of our wedding that i took great effort into creating. so i'm going to highlight what my favorite details were.
first off: i absolutely loved my flowers. they turned out absolutely gorgeous.
our flourist was belle of the ball design & they were great.
they were awesome about listening to what we really wanted & pulled it off.
i didn't want everything to be the same, i wanted to have a handful
of different things & have them all come together as one
& they really helped me achieve that look with our center pieces.
i'm not a big fan of giant center pieces. i like to see who is sitting across from me
so i wanted to keep them simple, low to the table & lovely.
we intermixed wood boxes with candles & a variation of milk glass,
vintage blue jars & clear cups & bottles to hold flowers on other tables
mixing heights with cake platters & different sizes of jars.
everyone has either been to or been in a wedding with not so great bridesmaids dresses
& i really, really did not want that. i wanted to give my bridesmaids a dress
that they could wear again & hopefully like. i really liked them, so it gave me
hope that they would too. 
their dresses were a very simple tiffany blue kind of color with a cinched waist.
since it was so simple, i wanted to add something to it so we paired it with
a mint & gold necklace & a gold belt from anthropolgie.
it gave the dress some sparkle without being over board

our favors were succulents & bags of candy that the guests could fill.
the candy bar was a really fun part to plan. i picked some of my all time
favorite candies, & got huge orders of them. it was heaven. plus, we had left overs.
it was a really cute & fun display too. i loved having it.
i also made signs to go around saying what was what, like this sweets & favors sign.

my mom & i were having a hard time figuring out how people were going to seal
their bags of candy. 
it needed to be a quick, simple method. tying bows seemed to difficult/time consuming &
we weren't able to find stickers that we loved.
so my mom somehow found a site where you could custom make stickers 
& boom! ausint & i have our own stickers. she even got crafty
& figured out how to put one of the flowers from our invitation on the sticker too.
i was impressed with them & thought they were pretty cute.
our guests table cards were also made by my cousin marta & matched with our invitations
our cake was from skiff cakes & was delicious. we had three flavors: carrot cake, white cake with strawberry filling & lemon poppyseed with lemon filling. we left our cake fairly simple. i couldnt decide on a pattern or what color i would make it, so i opted for traditional white with what they called a "rapture" design. not quite sure why that's the name... but it is. our flourist then added flowers onto the cake to give it some pop. 
i loved our cake though & how it looked. i know it was probably a really overlooked detail because from far away, it just looked white. so i wanted everyone to get a close up.
one detail that meant a lot to me was to have a locket of my dad around my bouquet.
since my dad passed away, it meant a lot to me to have something of him
with me on my big day & i loved having his picture with me the entire time.
my hair was also a detail i loved. it was woven so intricately with the rhinestones
wrapping around my hair 

***  bridesmaid dresses were found on 

& we're moving

austin & i decided to end our contract at the truman 
yep. so for about 4 days, we were homeless. 
luckily for us, our homelessness came at the perfect timing as our family vacation to mexico.
so not everything was taking a downward spiral.
anyways, so we were homeless & looking for a new home.
2 places in 3 months, impressive huh? 
well lo & behold we found one!
& are now happy renters of a cute 2 bedroom home.
we even have washer dryer hookups! horray! 
it's a few blocks south of where we were, & i think it's a bit bigger.
a whole 300 sq. ft. bigger, so now more nest posts.
(but the first two were nice, weren't they?)
i must admit, i was pretty upset when i came to the realization that we would most likely need to move.
i mean, we could have stayed at the truman, but....i'd rather not risk all of our clothes being eaten. so it seemed like the smartest decision to move.
but now that the idea of moving has settled in on me & we got the new house, i'm pretty excited.
i love reorganizing all our gear & moving things around, trying to see how it fits best
& i love redecorating. plus, we get a second bedroom which is perfect.
move in date: august 27. 



top to bottom:
1. our wedding pictures adorable packaging.
i seriously love it.
2. making chocolate chip cookies
3. my new favorite skull earring
4. my boy scout ensemble 
5. i'm pretty sure i only need 1 pair of glasses... 
but i can't help buying them sometimes.
6. the worlds best license plate
7. throw back thursday, me in hawaii circa 1995
8. taking a boat ride to our hotel room in mexico!
9. austin living the life
10. lounging at the pool in mexico
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