today is my 23rd birthday & this has been a week of festivities 
wednesday night there was a surprise birthday dinner
for me at malawis, an african themed pizza place.
i was really excited to see everyone, friends from salt 
lake came down that we don't see too often
so it was so fun to have everyone together.
friday we spent the day sleeping in & sort of lazing about
which i was happy to do.
we went to the park & i wrote thank-yous while austin practiced 
casting & then we went to see a movie.
after the movie we went on a bike ride with our friends sam & greg to get frosty's.
saturday we went to lunch at station 22, which is 
a super good little sandwich shop on center st. in provo
with our friend blake & we spent the rest of the afternoon
with him & nate. 
it's so much fun just sitting around & talking with old friends.
i love how we can pick up right where we left off & its 
just as fun as always.
that night we went to our friend jj & nicole's wedding reception, & then
to nickolatalia pizzeria with scott & courtney.
today for my actual birthday austin woke me up with a surprise of balloons, & gifts. 
i was so excited! we then went up to salt lake for our friend
taryn & justins baby blessing. 
afterwards we hung around downtown before heading down
to austin's parents house for birthday dinner.
i was so excited cause we got to have artichokes & carrot cake.
it's been a busy week & a very fun birthday!

1. our terrarium! finally found plants, from ikea, to build it!
2. a quote on my old journal i stumbled upon
3. my caprese sandwich from station 22

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