anyone thats knows me knows that i love trying new products. new makeup, face wash, lotions, hair products, whatever it is. unless i absolutely love a product i use, i'm generally on the hunt for something new. & my newest latest find that i l o v e is my shampoo bar from lush.
i bought my new shampoo one day at the mall with my mom & i'm sure she thought it was weird. most people do. i mean, whats the point of using a bar of shampoo, right? it just sounds more difficult. but it's really not. i went in & purchased my first bar of godiva shampoo & instantly fell in love. my hair has never felt softer, cleaner or been shinier. 
i was hesitant the first time i used it. i wasn't exactly sure how it was going to work out or really how to use it. but it works just as a bar of soap. you lather it in, scrub your head & bam! your hair is squeaky clean. i use a whole lot less than i normally do, but my hair is so much cleaner. it's crazy. 
another great aspect of this shampoo is that it takes up hardly any room. i hate how my shampoo & conditioners normally take up so much space, & when you don't have a lot of space to offer in your shower it gets really annoying. i bought a tin can to hold my shampoo so that it can dry out after i use it & having that extra space is really nice. 
i'm big in bringing my own shampoo & conditioner on trips. so it's was also awesome for travel. when i packed for our trip to mexico i didn't have to worry about it exploding over all of my clothes (that's the worst thing to discover) & i also didn't have to worry about it adding so much extra weight to my bag. 
what i'm getting at is that i seriously recommend it for anyone whos willing to try it. i think i'll be using it for a long time. 
oh, another good thing about bar shampoo is that it lasts for so long. which is another plus in my book!


  1. yuss! we have LUSH here in New Zealand and am so trying this. thanks for the recommendation.
    do you still use your regular conditioner or is it the shampoo bar enough?

  2. i still use conditioner cause my hair is so thick, i need the moisture!