oh, mexico

oh, mexico it sounds so sweet 
with the sun sinking low 
moon's so bright like to light up the night 
make everything all right 
james taylor
last night i got back from a week long stay in playa del carmen, mexico. it was a perfect ending to this summer. austin & i left early friday morning & met my family for a week of relaxation. we swam a lot, played with the kiddies, slept a lot & read even more. it was the best. 
i love going on family vacations. it's not overly common that my whole family is together since we are kind of all over. so when we are  together, it's a little crazy with 6 little kids going insane over each other & us. they are definitely high-energy & it's pretty fun. they never leave you with a dull moment, so i'm actually amazed at how much i was able to read & sleep. 
while we were there we went into the town of playa del carmen, had a tour of the tulum ruins, had encounters with numerous rain storms, played in the pool & the ocean, went kayaking, sailing & jet ski-ing & had dinner on the beach. 

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