ramblings from yesterday

i like the days that are spent lazy, simple & with good company.
yesterday we went to lazy dog for lunch with ashley, baby johnny, larene, traci & jodi. it was so fun. i love being home for the weekly girl lunches. afterward ashley, johnny, larene, my mom 
& i went to see the odd life of timothy green, which was a pretty cute little movie. 
after the movie i went to yoga with shannon. it was both longer & much more difficult than we expected. i don't think i've had that much sweat from a yoga class before. it was pretty funny for the two of us. after we picked up some dinner & watched the hunger games with ashley & jake. it was nothing big or spectacular, but those are the times i like best. i just love being surrounded by the ones i love the most. sometimes i wonder where i'd be without all of them. but i'd rather not know. its days like those that i seem to remember the most. 

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